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Just wait till you learn about Grand Seiko and the Snowflake … a quartz watch with a smooth movement with a dial that resembles freshly fallen snow.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2021 on Tolerating Yr. Hmbl. Ed. at The Online Photographer
In a photography group, we all meet once a year for the One Challenge. One camera, one ISO setting, One focal length of lens and take no more than 36 photos within 2 hours but submit only one photo. It actually becomes very hard to take 36 photos when you cannot use the scatter gun approach. Of course this group started in the days of film predominance but the discipline has carried on. So, good luck with your Contax II. I may join you but using my new to me Contax III RTS with either the 45/2.8 or 85/1.4
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Feb 27, 2020