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Fred, Correction. Lou Costello calls the chief a stinker. But Abbott tells the chief stinker is a term of respect. It's been a long time since I've seen their movies.
Fred, Thanks for your reply. In the clip Bud Abbott calls the tribal chief a Stinker, and then Lou Costello fools the chief into thinking Stinker is a term of respect. It is then when the Chief proudly proclaims: You bet you life. Me stinkah. And this reminds you of President Trump? For you, he is just some retarded fool who any moron can fool about anything? You also seem to think that a Federal leader giving the State leaders the responsibility to lead their states is some kind of defect. That is the United States form of government. I remain mystified by your comments.
Two things: What does You bet you life me stinkah mean and what movie did Abbot or Costello say that unintelligible line in? And two, Trump doesn't desperately need anything least of all praise and attention. You must know by now that the Pentagon goes one way and the President and others go another. You saw it with Kerry's cease fire. You see it all the time. Trump knows this. How is it that you do not? Claiming that Trump is a simpleton? That's not only untrue, it's a cheap shot.
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Mar 28, 2020