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I believe the most important thing I learned through this semester is that it depends. It seems when we were analyzing graphs and market types, we all wanted definite answers and these equations/models to be applicable to every situation. This class has showed me that nothing is ever as transparent or clear cut as it seems. The outcome is dependent on a plethora of factors, so even though it is easy to do so, we can't make assumptions or single out variables. This term of 'it depends' becomes especially useful in analyzing the information about the US today. It seems there is so much contradictory information and division within America it is hard to stay informed and find the truth behind all the chaos. Using 'it depends', forces me to look deeper into topics to get a fuller understanding, and comprehend the overshadowed complexity of each issue. As a citizen, I will not jump to conclusions, but hold myself to looking into the prevalent issues that plague America. I will do this rather than just buying into a headline I see on the news, and see that there is much more contributing to these issues at hand than what the media reveals.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2020 on ECON 100 Final Exam at Jolly Green General
Similar to Christina, I was curious on what led to this inequality among classes in America. Additionally, the article spoke about the declining life span of Americans, and how that was due to our health care system. I was wondering how we could better restructure the health care system, and minimize the inequality between classes.
I am confused on the relationship between the private sector and the government. I was wondering if you could possibly further explain why the private sector is running a surplus and how the government can use that to help the economy.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2020 on ECON 100: The Corona Coma at Jolly Green General
It seems to me there is a fine line between privacy and health. Additionally, on a global scale the solution to this problem is much like the Prisoner's Dilemma. It would benefit all if nations exchanged information and worked on the pandemic together, but private interest gets in the way. The solution is to be open and authentic with the information provided to a countries citizens and other nations globally. Yet, two problems arise, the first is having the audience have that trust in the government to believe and listen to the ideas conveyed. The second problem is governments releasing information in the first place, as governments are scared their transparency could inhibit their authority on the nation they rule.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2020 on ECON 100 at Jolly Green General
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Mar 31, 2020