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End of Time
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Stephanie Harrison is absolutely correct. People continue to log into to Second Life day after day and year after year because Second Life is a social platform. The Lindens have never understood that.
I started a Sansar account soon after that was possible, created an outpost for my SL Estate, bought (bought!) a plywood cube and a picnic table. As one of the few visitors to my Sansar outpost later told me, figuring out how to stand on the picnic table was the most interesting thing she could find worth doing. Time progressed, but what was possible in Sansar remained the same: practically nothing changed. Meanwhile, SL got laggier, windlight tanked, servers faced increasing difficulty in rezzing body parts and other objects, and LL appeared wholly indifferent to the Rest of Us. Sansar's gone, but LL is now spending its time "moving to the cloud." I don't expect things to get any better soon but I do hope within a year we start to see some improvements. Time will tell.
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Feb 25, 2020