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There is (or was) a Zeiss 35mm viewfinder. I don't know how it compares to the ones for the Zeiss rangefinder camera, but Sony sold a Zeiss 35mm optical viewfinder for the Rx-1.
Why not get a second set of keys without the car keys that you keep in your pocket when you are around the house. Switch to the set with the car keys only when you need the car.
As a resident of Colorado under a state wide fire ban, this photo creeps me out.
I have the original RX-1 and an X100T. Although the RX-1 isn't my most used camera, when I look though my Lightroom database, the RX-1 lens is by far my most used lens and by far my favorite lens. It's the only lens that isn't some special purpose lens that I can often pick out correctly in photos on the internet. The camera attached to the lens could be better and could really use IBIS. I don't think I would find the RX-1RII an improvement over the original (I have the external EVF and wouldn't own it if that wasn't available). I've never bonded with the Fuji. The camera and lens are ok. I really like the idea of retro controls, but somehow the Fuji just doesn't feel right, not like a real old camera. I know lots of people seem to love Fuji colors, but my color vision problem, protanomaly, and the color shifts that Fuji does (must be adding red to other colors), makes most Fuji photos look muddy to me. I do a lot of landscapes and find the artifacts in green leaves to be a bit frustrating and sometimes visible as mush in 11x17 prints.
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Apr 10, 2020