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Greg The Class Traitor
Someone who loves America and Americans more than his one class members
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clarice, You're not allowed to shoot someone for simple burglary. You ARE allowed to try to stop them. If they escalate and attack you when you try to stop them, you ARE allowed to defend yourself, including with deadly force. Arbery didn't get shot for burglary. Arbery got shot, legally so, for attacking Travis McMichael, grabbing his gun, and thus clearly posing a threat to Travis McMichael's life. When you're ready to put all your personal possessions on an outside table where anyone is free to take them, THEN you can complain about Travis McMichael chasing down a burglar and wanting him arrested. Until then? The fact that your local cops are doing a better job protecting you than Travis McMichael's cops were doing protecting him does't give you the right to attack him for doing the job his cops won't do.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2020 on Energize The Base! at JustOneMinute
I'm just a tired old Yankee who is losing patience with this bullshit. Arbery was not jogging down the street carrying a television. And if he was, you're going to shoot him because of it? Really, Tom? So everyone is free to steal anything you own, and no one can stop them? If you're looking for "cranial-anal impaction", look in a mirror. All laws are backed up by the threat that you will kill people if they don't follow them. That's a great argument for not making a lot of laws. But it's a piss-poor argument for not enforcing the ones we have. Don't want to get shot while committing petty theft? Then surrender when you're caught.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2020 on Energize The Base! at JustOneMinute
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May 6, 2020