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Interests: Cars
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Aug 17, 2020
Jim, thanks so much for clearing this up at last with such a thorough answer. (Before asking you, I paid Angel 20 bucks and he came up with nothin'.).
Terrific video. Beautiful car. I have a 78 that would be fun to paint Rockford Firebird gold (even though it will never be anything as authentic or as gorgeous as yours). I'm sure you've been asked a 100 times, but in a 2009 post the color is noted as Light Topaz. Elsewhere it's referred to as Buckskin including in your great video. All over the Internet it's referred to as "Sierra Gold" even though it seems there was only Colonial Gold, Denver Gold in 74, Copper Mist in 75, Buckskin in 76, Buckskin Metallic 77, Solar Gold in 78. I realize production painted the cars season to season to be consistent, but what's your advice for the most recognizable/authentic Rockford Files Firebird gold. Thanks Jim. And keep up the great work.
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Aug 9, 2020