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Embed from Getty Images By Siobhan Nolan, Contributing Writer There were three things to note at the end of the Phillies’ lackluster 2020 season: 1. This was a team lacking in confidence, desire, and motivation. 2. There weren’t just a few little holes in the team that needed patching—a full... Continue reading
Everything you need to know about the Phillies' new president of baseball operations: Continue reading
The Phillies have had a lackluster offseason so far, so what can we expect for the 2021 season? Continue reading
What can we expect from contract negotiations now that J.T. Realmuto has officially rejected the Phillies' first salary offer? Continue reading
The next installment of our look into what went wrong with the 2020 Phillies. Continue reading
MISSING: Cohesive Phillies Infield. Last Seen in Late 2000s. Reward: World Series Title. Continue reading
We know that J.T. Realmuto is the BCIB—but is he worth the $200 million contract he's asking for? Continue reading
Scott Kingery seems to be having the worst luck since signing for the Phillies—is there any hope of him redeeming himself in time for next season? Continue reading
What can we make of Joe Girardi's initial impact on the Phillies in a season that was chaotic for every MLB team? Continue reading
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Sep 25, 2020