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We all want our children to be empathetic and understand the feelings of others. We want them to invite the new kid to join the soccer game, and check on a friend who's hurt. But sometimes we end up with the kid that tramples over the new kid on the... Continue reading
Bring on the funny stuff! Are you tired of holding down the fort of positivity for your family? Are your smile muscles stiff from lack of use? We hear you, and we think you need more funny things in your life. Bring home some of our funniest picture books and... Continue reading
You spent hours and hours reading with your toddler. You loved reading when you were a kid. So why does your child cringe when a book enters their field of vision? Let's be honest. Some people just don't like reading (gasp!), but that doesn't mean your child is one of... Continue reading
As much as I enjoy reading with my children, I don't always enjoy their book choices. I find it hard to fake enthusiasm about fire trucks, or how bunny learns to share. Parenting means reading thousands of stories. I have found that my sanity requires storytime books to educate me,... Continue reading
Thanks, Lisa. Excellent advice!
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Thanks, Reagan! I'm glad your child is enjoying Stephen Krensky's work!
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Your brilliant child knows how to write their name, can read “Stop” and "Sale" and knows the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. How can they make the leap to reading a book on their own? Ease your child into reading by providing a book that is just right... Continue reading
Fabulous! You have really embraced the Hanukkah spirit! For a final touch, your little one might like dancing to the rollicking music of the Klezmer CDs in our collection.
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What are your Hanukkah plans? Personally, I love having relatives over for the eight nights of Hanukkah. My teenagers morph into delightful, polite beings in the presence of others. But Hanukkah is going to be different than usual this year. How about you? Are you worried about surviving eight nights... Continue reading
How do babies learn to talk? We surround them with talking people. How can we teach them to read? Surround them with printed words! I was shocked when one of the first words my youngest child could read was "sold." This was when the Toronto real estate market was at... Continue reading
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Oct 17, 2020