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"...praises Biden and Harris as good people with whom he mostly disagrees..." If the only issues were policy disagreements, then it wouldn't be the biggest issue on the planet. But as it stands, that's not the case. Biden and Harris represent a fundamental divergence in political thought and philosophy. The issue is not policy, it's the direction the left, as a whole, would try to take the country should they take power. Sen. Toomey does, to his credit, eloquently describe some of Trump's accomplishments. However, instead of saying Trump should concede, he could have at the very least said nothing at all. He could have let the legal process play out, and comment when we actually have some answers as to what is going on. Yes, Toomey is under a lot of pressure to say this sort of thing, but unless GOP officials grow a backbone, they're doing nobody any favors.
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Nov 23, 2020