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Brian Paul Dumas
United States
Interests: engine design and technology, alternative fuels .
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here we go again , you me and the milkmans to finance some impossible dream , first off who in thier right mind would buy a car dependent on electricity in a state with a notoriously unreliable power grid , which is subject to capacity and carrying issues and rolling blackouts . uh, duh , solar panels don't work when it couldy , raining or the sun isn't shining and don't work when the sun is at a low angle in the sky either . Even if you could with solar panel and one of these home battery banks charge your EV at home , guess what ladies and germs , there is a good chance you'll need a new electric panel, lots of new upgraded wiring and all of the usual upgrades . In most states when you do extensive upgrades of any kind u need a building permit , you must use quaified and licensed people and installers , your city or country will reward with a huge property tax on your new very expensive electric car . It can be almost assured that if you have s older house , 20 to 40 yrs old , its electric system does not comply with new home building codes . where all these low income folks gonna get the cash to rewire their home and substantial upgrades . its not gonna occur people .
well here go again , here we go again with more pie in the sky stuff about and relating to CNG/LNG , basically natural gas . Nice theory but where I live in a rural country in arkansas the only natural gas is the piping in the ground for intown localed homes and business , everyone in the country and even many town dwellers use propane , eg there is no fuel grade natural gas available . alot of retail propane suppliers however but the price of propane swings widely depending on the season, summer goes down cause you're not heating, winter goes up alot . I'm sure all this engineering Omniteck did is very state of the art but its still a bust , electric transit buses are competing surprising well against I/C buses eg NG and diesel , however both natural gas and electric have totally insurmountable infrastructure issues . Much of the infrastructure in the US eg , gas, electric, telephone , piplines and so forth has been largely built out about as far as it will ever go . I formeley would have speak occassionally to a real estate person in southern NM and she told me the electric company charged 20,000$ a mile to install phone cables to your lot . All this infrastructure talk is all very nice but its in the realm of real world fiscal limitations .
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Mar 3, 2021