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From past GCC news "Benefiting from CTP technology, which decreases conventional module parts, the battery pack has higher integration efficiency in 90% and ultimately achieves the system energy density of an LFP CTP pack that is as high as 160 Wh/kg."
High energy density not mean very high energy density, 63 kWh lithium metal polymer LFP pack at 140 Wh/kg ( Same as BYD for Han Li-Ion battery pack at 140 Wh/kg and similar to CATL e-bus LFP Li-Ion pack. CATL sold to existing customers at 700 yuans/kWh ($US107/kWh), does LMP cheaper ?
Nice but do not see anything that LG, SK, CATL ... will not be able to develop in due time.
This company move fast, impressive achievement in just four years
250 miles with 82 kWh means 33 kWh/100 miles when Tesla provide 24 kWh/100 miles. BYD, XPeng, Nio also more efficient and better design.
Purchase Clariant LFP in Canada and A123 LFP in China businesses for combine US$100 millions in 2014 (£60 millions), so with impairment charge of £57 million almost wipe out value.
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Jun 12, 2020