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It’s EAGLES GAMEDAY!!! The Birds are in Pittsburgh, against a Pittsburgh Steelersteam coming off a BYE. Gov. Wolf has allowed up to 7,500 fans to be in attendance; will this be an advantage or a disadvantage for the Philadelphia Eagles? Plus #COVID-19 is still running rampant thru the #NFL, so... Continue reading
After last weeks #Eagles tie, we still haven’t gotten a win. What’s does Dougie P, Carson, the offense, Jim Schwartz, or anyone have to do to turn things around?! We are playing a physically beat up 2-1 #49ers team tonight; does that make a difference? Not only has President Trump... Continue reading
It’s EAGLES GAMEDAY!!! The Birds are home this week against the Bengals... are we gonna get booed by virtual fans again? The Philadelphia Eagles are 0-2 and haven’t beaten the #Bengals since 2000. Are you concerned? Can Wentz bring it back together? We will have our ”Against All Odds” segment... Continue reading
#NFL is back and that means today is GAMEDAY!!! Since the Philadelphia Eagles play at 1pm we changed our time so you can get your sports fix. We will break down what we can and discuss the latest rumors circling the birds. We will have our”Against All Odds” segment where... Continue reading
The Kentucky Derby was yesterday and it was weird. The Philadelphia Flyers took it to game 7 but the Islanders proved to be too much. We will discuss the Philadelphia Phillies retiring Dick Allen’s number, Harper’s bunting skills, and should Bohm be considered for rookie of the year? Bootch will... Continue reading
UPDATE The audio was messed up for the first 2-3 minutes, but it does come back and the show continues as usual The Philadelphia 76ers time in the bubble is over and so is Bret Brown’s career here. The Philadelphia Flyers have moved on but are the Islanders too much... Continue reading
***EDIT*** Sadly our internet feed for our facebook connection cuts out right before the Eagles Deliberation so we will have to try to do this again down the road... Our Philadelphia Flyers are the #1 seed. Great opening to #NHL playoffs. The #76ers are struggling... are they done? Ben Simmons... Continue reading
#Phillies baseball has been suspended. The Marlins have huge outbreak of the coronavirus! Could the season be in jeopardy? How will college and the #NFL learn from this for football season? Recapping all the major talking points from week 1 of #MLB; including what happens when you cheat in baseball.... Continue reading
Opening Weekend! #Phillies baseball is back! Recapping Friday and Saturdays games. We’re talking about things we like and don’t like with #MLB opening weekend (spoiler alert, coronavirus is part of it). #NBA and #NHL are days away from restarting. We got cardboard cutouts, Harper's obsession with the Phanatic, and muppets... Continue reading
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Jul 21, 2020