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"This shaping up as a disastrous election. I want to know the winner on November 4. Period. Full stop. No more fucking games." Exactly! Trump should stop threatening to postpone the election. Just have a ballot sent to people in those states which do mail-in voting. (And have more states--preferably all the states--change to allow mail-in voting, but it's a state-by-state thing, not a presidential edict.) The voters won't have to stand in long lines and risk catching coronaviruses, a virus that has already killed more than 150,000, and the voting will be easy and convenient. Then take enough time to count all the votes, and don't preemptively attack the results before they are counted!
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2020 on Delay The Election?!? at JustOneMinute
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Jul 31, 2020