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the problem with NYC is they take all your liberty but they don't give you any safety in return. just like ben franklin warned! in Singapore, you give up your liberty, but you absolutely get a very safe and orderly existence. this is not a trade I want to make in the long run, but while we are here i AM enjoying the order and cleanliness.. though the covid element adds a layer of control that's simply too much for me. for example. in order to go into restaurants of a variety of other public places, you must be vaccinated. and they aren't falling for any of this black market forged certificate from another country stuff. we had to go to a government-sanctioned clinic and have a blood draw to confirm we have antibodies consistent with an mRNA vaccine. once confirmed, the information was updated in my profile in the government database, and my government issued blue tooth contact tracing tracker dongle will now allow me to swipe in to the buildings I want to enter. deblasio, you're doing vaccine passports wrong. on the other hand, they apply this same outlook to immigration. you can NOT be here without a job. if we lose our job, we need to leave within 2 weeks. and your job needs to pay a certain amount for you to qualify to bring your dependents in. this very much changes the dynamic. but there's no "i've come to singapore with the clothes on my back and my baby in my arms looking for a brighter future" we like to think of it not as a country, but as an amusement part. we're at adult asian disneyland. sign a waiver, follow ALL of these rules, and you will have a very good time in our very safe and clean park! and when you're ready to leave... goodbye!
Hi Jane! We've moved to Singapore! We wanted stricter lockdowns, more aggressive masking practices, and a complete lack of liberty, so it's been the perfect fit! ;-)
thank you for the kind words GUS and I will make sure OL sees your message. Iggy, you make a good point about the effectiveness disappearing over time. This is why I've always thought that while probably a mask is protective in particular instances (I'm supportive of their use in hospitals, public transport etc.. though that's NOT to say their MANDATED use), over time there's no epidemiological benefit detectable. Why? You can only get infected once (for the most part) but you have endless opportunities to get infected. No one is wearing a mask when they eat with someone else, or when they visit a friend, or perfectly 100% of the time. furthermore, masks just help, they don't stop the virus. So maybe the person who wears a mask less often will get infected sooner than the person who wears it more, but ultimately it's irrelevant that you avoided getting infected 999 times if you still get infected on time 1000. perhaps this can somewhat help "flatten the curve" but it's not going to "save us all" or anything like that. If you use a condom 80% of the time you'll get pregnant the same number times per year (that would be once...) as the person who never used a condom all year, right?
Hi! I'm still here. Have been very preoccupied with an overseas move (more on that later, but for me, it's daytime!) and therefore not posting, but i've been lurking on and off. To OL's post #1 and Narciso's 12:14am: I wasted my customary first hour (ok, 2 hours) of my work day while i wait for the coffee to sufficiently kick in by reading all of the covid related science news instead of "doing something useful that you can actually bill your clients for" as my husband likes to say. notably, today we see a preprint from a major study in india that randomized use of cloth masks, surgical masks, and nothing across hundreds of thousands of people, village by village in India. the mask groups also got instructions on social distancing and other ways to prevent viral transmission (but not the controls). the takeaways I got from the paper itself were 1. cloth masks didn't work at all 2. surgical masks worked a little bit but 3. only in people over age 50 and even that's debatable since those people also happened to physically distance more than the control group. another study showing that mask hysteria is completely unwarranted, i thought. see here, no decrease even with surgical mask use when you get to <50 years old. so imagine my surprise when i see a washington post article about it saying loud and proud that "Massive randomized study is proof that surgical masks limit coronavirus spread" and "“I think this should basically end any scientific debate about whether masks can be effective in combating covid at the population level,” Jason Abaluck, an economist at Yale who helped lead the study, said in an interview, calling it “a nail in the coffin” of the arguments against masks." You have to read 90% of the way through the article to get to the pitfalls and the comment threads are even more depressing. I'm just about losing my mind over the complete breakdown in scientific rigor and worse, the reporting of it, as it relates to covid. And I have to actively restrain my anger over my little kids still being forced to wear masks at school despite everything, EVERYTHING we now know about covid in little kids and masks in schools.
Thank you, Jane! Don't worry, everyone is a little nuts these days. At least we have the self-awareness to realize it here ;-)
Jane I have also wondered for a while now whether they would snipe Biden and pin it on Trump supporters. Two birds, one stone.
Dave 12:01.. ok, *sigh* I guess they will have to go to the additional trouble to scour the social media profiles of individuals and pick and choose who eats that way. this is getting ridiculous. is it time for trump-supporting truckers to decide not to deliver food to counties that voted for biden? if we can get our own banks/internet/fancy restaurants, maybe they can get their own farms?
OL 8:51 if you need help transferring wealth I can do some brainstorming for you! James D... heh.
In all the fog and confusion of trying to figure out what is true and what is not regarding this election, the abject censorship of information and silencing of opinion stands out as the most striking evidence that I'm seeing with my own eyes that something really stinks. Coordinated removal of information from multiple dissemination platforms is not the best way to convince conspiracy theorists that there was never a conspiracy to begin with. Pass the tin foil.
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Tom R 1:55, it's simply flabbergasting. My husband got together with his local friend, who is a classic limousine liberal type, but a good friend of ours nonetheless. After a beer or two (sorry, after a low-sugar, gluten free craft cider or two), his buddy got to mentioning how disgusting the run on the capitol was and how current events are such a disgrace to our country. My husband agreed that the jackass window breaking and looting was not excusable, but that the underlying issue is very concerning and important. He made the point that in the end, thankfully, the damage and loss of life paled in comparison to what occurred over weeks and months this summer in the name of BLM, buoyed by the encouragement of Dem lawmakers everywhere. Friend responded, "well yea, but I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND where THOSE people were coming from." This guy is one of the most intelligent friends we have- really! really. (except he thinks that mail in ballots are secure enough even WIHTHOT signatures soooo...) Thankfully this particular conversation ended well, with the friend admitting he exists in an echo chamber, though expressing his disbelief that fraud impacted this election. He said he hadn't seen or heard about the GA security tape video.
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Porch 1:42- my husband is in complete agreement with this outlook. I'm sick to my stomach over what I'm seeing RE the tech takeover, but my husband just responded "GOOD. get it out there. I'm sick of the slow burn. now everyone can see. It can't be denied. I'll also add that blatantly censoring content and silencing individuals is NOT the best way to convince everyone that the conspiracy was just a theory, after all.
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Hi Guys. I do think Trump played and that he had a plan. I don't think it was a 4-D plan. I think his plan involved the courts, particularly the supreme court, not completely punting on the issue, and I don't think he anticipated the extent of the suppression and censorship of information that has occurred. I got the sense they were blindsided by that when they dropped the Hunter laptop October surprise, and were completely shut out of the discourse by naked, abject censorship- not just the biased reported we've all become accustomed to. Doesn't matter how good you are at chess, you can't win if you don't have any FREAKING CHESS PIECES on your board.
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I still don't think Pence is a traitor. I think he really and truly would not able to reject those votes under the constitution. The process was for the debates to occur in congress. I think Trump has trouble distinguishing between actual backstabbers (of which there have been so many), and people who are really on his side but feel constrained by what they can realistically make happen, and he goes scorched earth on everyone.
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OL, oh no!!!
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...and a phone and a pen
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Good morning everyone. I have to admit I was relieved to read that Trump is now going to allow a smooth transition. It's not right what happened. But all legal/constitutional/appropriate avenues for rectification were exhausted and failed. The reality is, he took it as far as he could have. Any further and I don't believe it would do our cause any good in the short or long term. I'm as concerned as anyone here about what damage the dems can do now, and how much of it will be irreparable. But I embrace Iggy's outlook, too, that Obama did not manage to destroy the country and he had more on his side than Biden/Harris do now. Of course, they are more bold, as has been pointed out, and seeing they now have permission to cheat in elections, it will be harder to rectify. It's of course completely unfair and hypocritical how the scene yesterday was portrayed and reacted to, but the reality of the situation is that any further pushing from Trump, right or wrong, would only rapidly damage the public perception of the righteousness of the cause. The Trump experience, including its fire-y end, is a battle in the greater war. In a war, you have to know which battles are worth fighting to the death and which are not. When I say "worth," I don't mean to say that this lacks the importance to do so, I just mean that the realistic result of doing so will leave your army and position in the war worse than retreating at that time, whether that's for fair reasons or not. I'll forever be grateful to Trump, despite this and that failure or personality flaw or whatever. He fought harder and better than anyone I've seen for us and for the constitution. I'll always blame the republicans who did not support him first for how disappointingly this all ended. While we all feel that so much has been lost now, let's reflect on what Trump's run HAS accomplished: -The uniparty/swamp has been exposed. -The media have been exposed, and new alternatives are cropping up in response. -Tech and related industries have been exposed. -Election integrity shortcomings have been exposed. -Minorities have considered leaving the Dem plantation for the first time in generations. -We now understand that a tough immigration stance HELPS us with Hispanics -Blue collar working class America is starting to re-think the democrats too -Squish republicans will be spanked more than they would have if we'd just romney/ryan'd along. -Biden comes to office under a cloud of uncertainty and with no mandate -We all see the dem's thirst for control over us, through their reaction to covid, which would have looked a lot different if there had been a democrat in the white house. -Even as someone raised by OL to already know about the swamp and the media and everything.. even *I* am shocked by what has been revealed by Trump (and by the other entities' unhinged reactions to Trump). Have these problems been solved? Of course not. But now we know. They had to put it all on the table to beat Trump. Maybe it was just regular-dimensional chess all along, but we have advanced some pawns despite needed to retreat with our queen and play defense for a while. By retreating when he did, I think Trump will have more of a shot at continuing to help and influence after he is out of office. Any further pushing after losing pretty much every senior officer he has, would just have resulted in his proverbial death. He fought longer and harder than anyone else ever would have, and maybe that, and what he exposed about the left in the process, was what we needed even more than winning this battle. What can we do now? The election integrity issue trumps (pun intended) all. We all should get involved in our local election processes. Volunteer for poll watching, figure out how the process works in our own precincts, and, through that familiarity, position ourselves to improve it. That is a problem that has to be solved from the ground up, not the other way around. Second, keep holding the republicans' feet to the fire.. embrace Trumpsim or you're out. Like Loffler and Perdue. No matter what is costs us in the short run. And now, like OL said, I need to come out of this fog I've been in for the last two months and focus on the business of raising the kids. I'm grateful for you all!
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Well, OL, you can start by taking us to a dinner as TC suggests! ;-)
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IANAL but I wouldn't think Pence would be allowed to unilaterally reject votes of his choosing right now. right? the process in place IS playing out.. now each slate that is objected to by members of congress will be debated and then voted on. Of course, we don't have enough votes to reject anything and you know no one will be swayed by any 3-D "evidence reveal" that may (or is definitely not) about to come. I hate to say it, but the process has played out as designed.. there were many opportunities for the wrong to be righted by the courts or state legislatures or now here in congress. But through some combination of weakness, trump hatred, and faltering on behalf of those gathering/presenting evidence, and massive assist from tech/media to suppress.. we lose. it's the consequence of many, many elections and appointments years in the making. just like obama said..
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Good morning, everyone. I've been lurking over the last few weeks- not much time to contribute during the holiday but now the kids are back in school and I'm back to my desk. Depressing results from last night but not unexpected. If Trump lost GA legitimately in November, why on earth would lukewarm squishy republicans win now? I don't buy the argument that so many georgians dislike trump, but really want to stop the dems. If they are so concerned about stopping the leftwing agenda.. they could have already done that! In november! Then on the other hand, if Trump lost GA due to fraud, why on earth would they let us win this time? As for those who now blame Trump for depressing R turnout: If GA voters were going to listen to Trump.. they would have voted for him in november, right? Or, they did, and it was stolen, in which case, the senate races were also going to be stolen. I can't wrap my mind around a scenario in which Trump lost GA in november but those two would have pulled it off now. But, I had hope. That's my logic, anyhow, and I admit I have been somewhat losing my mind lately. I don't have much patience for those (sadly including the folks at powerline) who think Trump should have been playing along with the GOP now. Really what should have happened is that the GOP should have played along with him all this time. I have some friends in DC for the march today. Of course, nothing will come of this day in congress other than what was always going to happen, but I hope the show of strength is noticed by some republicans who hope to have a political future. Trump should declassify everything, start his own news network, and work to orchestrate a primary for every backstabber in 2022. ...have a maga day :-(
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OL I do chuckle to myself a little when I see e everyone arguing over HOW MUCH they approve of Trump within the range of strong to stronger and HOW DOOMED we all are by the left within the range of very to VERY very
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Good morning everyone! TM, thank you for linking to the Science article about the "new" strain, which I agree is probably not as new as we think and is probably also all over the place already. Like Buckeye, my understanding is that the vaccines should still work against this strain. Furthermore, a neat feature of the mRNA approach is that it can be tweaked along with the mutations in the virus. I don't know whether that would require additional clinical trials. I also don't love how that could naturally lead to lots more "opportunities" to vaccinate for thing after thing. But in the event of an awful mutation/turn for the worse, a plus. I also wondered about the "sudden, unprecedented" ~20 new mutations all at once. And I also thought, "ok great maybe this will be over faster now!" It's almost like we all think alike on JOM.. ;-)
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Related to my previous query.. it's now 540pm... so.. do you think the deadline is like a CALENDAR day thing, or a BUSINESS day thing.. for the cavalry to arrive, I mean.
Mel. I'm getting a China vibe from the hacks. I think the media doesn't want to pile on China. Because then most people with functioning brain cells would go, "wait a second! the SAME china that definitely DIDN'T hack our election software??"
Hi everyone! Hope you're having a nice day. SO... I'm confused. Is today the day they are releasing the kraken? Or is that unrelated to enacting the EO and reversing the election through martial law. I only play regular dimensional chess and i'm not a real doctor so I am having trouble keeping up!