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Student parking lot at Davis High School (Google Maps) Today the other Davis blog ran a guest opinion on cycling to school. The comments are useful. My comment follows: Walking and cycling should be the primary means of travel to school – and I applaud the earlier comments, especially those... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2021 at The Davisite
Please write the City of Davis Tree Commission today at <> in advance of today's early evening meeting, or call during the meeting, and ask them to incorporate elements of my City Soil concept to their draft modifications of Chapter 37 of the municipal code. Trinita Terrace & 5th St,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2021 at The Davisite
Zuzana Čaputová, the President of Slovakia, is shown a cargo bike, in Trnava, Slovakia. Photo by Matej Kalina, Foreshadowing: In the spirit and solid of full transparency, I've decided to publish my warnings and suchlike to my former colleagues and replacement on the City of Davis Bicycling, Transportation and... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2021 at The Davisite
Rush Limbaugh Ethan Miller/Getty Images - I am reminded first of all that the date of death rather than birth is the one to remember for Jews as it demarcates the time in which we can be judged. This is the day we commemorate this person, and then also... Continue reading
Posted Feb 21, 2021 at The Davisite
I clicked on the "Winter Storm Info" link smartly displayed at the top of the home page of the City's website. It links to a page for which I have pasted relevant sections here on a Google Doc: The text I've bolded and changed to red seems to indicate that "bike lanes" are a priority. Isn't debris in them an "immediate hazard"? Aren't they "roadways", or a component thereof? Note that some Greenbelt paths have been taped off. That's correct action, but nothing similar has happened with bike lanes. As of yesterday there was nothing to e.g. suggest that people drive motor vehicles slower. Curiously, I suppose, we're told to report bike lanes blocked by e.g. tree-shedding & green grass front yard narcissism seasonal debris on the non-emergency portal. But these are an immediate hazard to people on bikes. Last year a police officer told me that he sees leaf piles he just drives over them. But based on the City's webpage, seasonal debris is a 911 call, not a Go report. Again, I realize that City staff and contractors are at capacity, though I hope they clear bike lanes ASAP. Right now either priorities are not being followed, or they need to be strengthened.
Thanks, Alan. As you know, there are some very good bicycle lights, designed for urban use. With a special lens and other features these work surprisingly well. But these cost upwards of $150. Obviously many cannot afford these, and they shouldn't have to. Yet no automobile comes without lights. If people who drive cars complain about people riding on bikes without lights, perhaps they will support a 1% tax on the sale of every new car. This would provide at least $250 for someone else to purchase nice lights. But will that actually make things safer? Velocity on roads is best controlled with speed design, not speed limit signs. Perhaps lights are also a type of speed design element. So... perhaps a better idea is for cars to drive around inside towns with lights no brighter than what's required for bicycles. That will likely make a lot of them slow down, especially when it's raining. That will make things safer, and create a demand for smooth roads with speedily-removed debris.
Darell: About the debris in the bike lane and my assumption that it was the result of street sweeping, this is based on what looked like a clear line - the edge of a street sweeper's path - not so many hours after the storm ended. So the comparison with the snow clearance elsewhere is not quite as precise. I am of course familiar with the normal action of vehicles that makes everyday debris move to the side of a fast road.
Barbara: I erred in writing “most bikes are not equipped with headlights.” To repeat a comment I received elsewhere on this: "While that may very well be true, it is irrelevant at best. At worst, it invites the inevitable and avoidable 'well, if a 'biker' chooses not to use a headlight (or helmet, or reflective clothing, etc) then that 'biker' clearly doesn’t care about his own safety, and perhaps deserves to die.' [Barbara, I am not saying that you wish death on anyone, but this response is a taking it just a bit further than "extremely foolish and irresponsible", isn't it?] Second, it implies that adding a headlight to a bike is a big part of fixing this little annoyance. And it is not. From vast personal experience, an excellent headlight only marginally and only sometimes helps me avoid these. People in their CARS with huge headlights run into them!" To add, "someplace" is clearly the problem here. There's no clear guidance, or least none that respects other Davis regulations. In the specific situation above the debris could have been moved to the adjacent parking lot. In others it could be simply left on the grass to naturally biodegrade, and branches placed so they're easy to pick up. But in any case, nothing in bike lanes, travel lanes or sidewalks.
South-bound Pole Line just south of East Covell. Convenient to pick-up, not so convenient for people who want to use the lane An hour earlier - most bikes are not equipped with headlights and the person on a bike might not see it. UPDATE: The piles I've described in this... Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2021 at The Davisite
Somehow I missed following the Health Council at all. Why was Dr. Wilkes not re-appointed and who has replaced him?
Eileen, thanks. First of all, what means "losing road access"? Fines discourage speeding but how to record this speeding? Police enforcement can be biased. There's no interest in having police in ALL the problematic areas in town. Do you want hundreds of cameras, everywhere?
City is blocking bike lanes? The City of Davis' only response to recent crashes in the vicinity of Pole Line Road and East Covell Blvd has thus far been Enforcement1. Actively, the Davis Police Department has been monitoring some locations in the area. Passively, the City has placed a radar... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2021 at The Davisite
Tasks: 1) A term inclusive of both "family" and "chosen family". 2) A term inclusive of both "chosen family" and "(biological/formally-adopted) family that you'd choose". Are there Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish etc versions of "chosen family"? Do other Western or other cultures make no distinction... Continue reading
Posted Jan 10, 2021 at The Davisite
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