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Exposing the truth is still important, no matter what SCOTUS did or didn't do. We won't be able to remove our illegitimate president, but maybe states like Arizona can rescind their certification of the election. People need to know the truth about Biden's regime and then stop the steal in 2022 and beyond.
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Everyone on the left is acting like they don't have to worry about elections anymore.
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I had to look this up because there's so much fake news out there I lost track of it. Pat McCrory signed a law back in 2013 to enact the photo ID requirement, but the left blocked it in court. So then we voted for a constitutional amendment and it passed 55-45, and again the left has been blocking it in court ever since. Democrats know that they can't win fair elections, so they'll do whatever it takes to rig elections. I couldn't find any articles that say this will be in front of SCOTUS. But would that even help? They failed to stop the steal. Why would this be any different?
Joe, great list, I agree with all of that, but you left out what I think is the most important issue - election integrity. I'm still waiting for the photo ID that we voted for. There's plenty of evidence that the 2020 state elections were corrupt, and now the swamp is trying to take over. Here are a few stories...
At a minimum, why is this person still in office? And it's not just about making sure it never happens again. How about finding out exactly what happened? Did her actions swing any elections? That should be the number one concern of the GOP (because we know they wouldn't have swung any election against any democrat). That's a lot of harumphing from the judges but no action. Looks like we have our own little swamp in Raleigh.
Now ask them about bombing Syria for oil.
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Jan 25, 2021