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Ah, thanks for the clarification, that makes sense. Although -- you are the only person I've come across who finds the Declaration's terms in the trade context to be "pretty clear" and "not such a big deal." Maybe you should be on the next panel! ;)
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Thanks for the quick response! I'll be honest and confess I'm not sure I understand your comment. For instance, the post is not alleging bias, nor arguing that the 1998 Declaration provides clear answers to any of these challenging questions. Rather, I am arguing that because of the ambiguities and need to balance conflicting priorities, the ILO should be involved in interpreting the meaning of its rights when trade disputes center on the meaning of those rights.
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While many of us were celebrating the holidays with family, an important law review article dropped silently and inconspicuously into the fray. That article, Fit for Purpose: The Extent and Enforcement of International Trade Agreement Labor Obligations After Guatemala –... Continue reading
As Simon mentioned in an earlier post, various labor-related complaints and requests under USMCA are “heating up.” This activity reinforces the Biden Administration’s new “worker-centered trade policy” that, according to USTR Ambassador Katherine Tai, “will foster broad-based, equitable growth, increase... Continue reading
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Feb 9, 2021