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Can someone explain some basic things to me. 1. How did Biden even have these files "to mix in" to begin with. Aren't the compartmented supposed to be non-movable, signed in/out, etc? If so, who all somehow had them in their possession? 2. What are the dates on these documents? 3. why are the files, secret or not, in so many different locations? 4. How did Penn get away with a center that had no faculty or administrative participation--staff of original center wholly composed of Biden staff. follow that with how they could say it was "university" money when the university participation amounted to a sign on the door?
For those not from Tennessee, Trump got bad advice and endorsed way too early. This is the "new district" and 24 people applied for the primary. The Trump endorsed is a DC person who moved to the state in November, the district in Feb., never lived in the state before. Could not even identify the interstates (which cut all through the district) in a radio interview, all money raised from Romney/Bush out of state. Great resentment in the district. We have several quite good and established reps running.
did not take long for that video to disappear on twitter
As is becoming clear, Ukraine is not a place to support ANY narrative and has not been for centuries. Everything is complicated. Things were getting better but our problem is the deep corruption of our "establishment" in Russia, Ukraine and China. Figuring out who is involved with X and Y and Z and how that affects anything is the stuff of fantasy literature. "news" on all sides should be viewed with skepticism. I only believe the personal reports of friends and family there based on past performances.
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ours here in TN were approved last month. It will probably eliminate one dem seat, Tell me why the stupid party put Rove in charge of redistricting.
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Watching the horde descending into our newly configured congressional district--some very strange doings although the party has passed some rules to weed out obvious "plants"--brings me to this thought about what to vote for: representatives who will pledge to prohibit any omnibus spending bills. Further, more specific prohibitions and controls on what can be purchased/funded. For example, the new electric fighting vehicles for our military. We would be better off with Roman legions.
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Narcisco-Porter was peddling the same story at the time and it hasn't changed. He is not naive, but he is dishonest about many things and about Cambodia is both evil and dishonest. I was and am married to a Cambodian and we know many things only whispered about...pragmatic they were not, they were true believers in forms of anarchism. yes they went to the "best schools" as did their opponents--they absorbed the worst of French academic theories.
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You all are so interesting on Durham et al. However, I am one of the those dreadful Ph.D.s in an area requiring considerably more statistics than education and sociology. however, I am vaxed. But the quality, quantity, and missing data/data analysis in this whole pandemic are nauseatingly bad. Yes, the spread to dogs, monkeys, bears, deer, etc. certainly does indicate that this will become endemic, Further, the extent of infections known should be the clear indicator than many already have immunities. NARC--Gareth Porter is dreadful person and has been his whole career--knew him and his academic fraud as a grad student.
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Having to listen to that deceptively but thoroughly dishonest Biden plan, just reminded of all the lies and changing stories of the last two years. It is no wonder people have stopped thinking... For example, why did anyone believe that Newsome would be recalled when the major option threateded the very livelihoods of most current Californians: government jobs or dependent on government jobs, welfare, and big tech. The mask believers who think their holy relic is salvation? While still living with revolving door stories on regeneron, ivermectin and hydrochloriquin. The death spike in Indonesia and Vietnam is directly tied to WHO and its threats. Can Florida and Alabama sue under equity as the confiscation of regeneron affects, disproportionately, blacks who are the major groups resisting vaccinations? And now that we know that covid has spread widely to other mammels, including deer herds, could there EVER be herd immunity?
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2021 on When You Have To Deny It... at JustOneMinute
That Peace Corps article was so spot on to my own experience and thoughts about it.
also wondering, why would it not be better policy to allow non-sick children to contract Covid at a young age, rather like the old days (before vaccines) for mumps and chicken pox--both less serious when contracted young.
While the watch checking and Beau references were not good, at least he was less obnoxious than his comments to the families of the Benghazi disaster.
Like Pin we are quite safe and away from the worst of it, but death toll may reach 40. All this Afgan is disturbing, especially for those of us who were in the middle of the "withdrawals" from Cambodia and Vietnam with quite clear memories of "Joe" during that time. We succeeded only in getting out family that the French rescued. All others killed.
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21 dead so far here in Middle Tennessee. Lovely small towns devastated, Rivers and streams high everywhere as it has been a markedly wet summer and the ground was already saturated before the latest deluge.
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Narciso--as a Holy Names alumna (not Tampa) these people seem to know little of Holy Names history, They ran one of the most successful African mission schools (the first native African Bishop was one of their students) and at least one school in DC (in the 50s) that was almost entirely populated by blacks. On a more direct note, in the interests of equity, etc, the two white MEN who are apparently running things ought to resign as they are clearly a patriarchy enforcing their ideas on the nuns' teaching order and the women in the school.
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Ah, Narciso--even better is the fact that her husband was a member of the now-famous Williamson County School Board and who called for the mask requirement.
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You all must have led charmed lives, missing the always delayed flights on Alleghany (agony) airlines
Is it just me, but with all this "worst attack" business, does no one recall that 5 congressmen were shot ON THE FLOOR of the house and have since been pardoned by Clinton and Obama??
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