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Honda, please bring this to North America!!!
@GdB: Let's keep Tesla ads out of these forums.
@yoatmon: Source for your claim that the current well-to-wheel efficiency for FCEV is 15%? What is it for an EV for comparison? @Engineer-Poet: Evidence to back that FCEVs are Fukushima-scale hydrogen bombs? I find it interesting how eager people are to push disinformation when it comes to hydrogen.
@sd The cost of hydrogen will decrease over time.
This was a necessary step for the advancement of fuel cells. Since the fuel cell has to be paired with a battery, it's good that the vendor optimizes the pair and sells a complete solution.
Fascinating! If only we could make flying more eco friendly.
@sd We have the same aim but different approaches. I think getting pure-ICE vehicles off of new car dealer lots ASAP is the most impactful thing we could do for the planet in the short term. We have the technology and the resources to accomplish this today. Despite the emergence of EVs and PHEVs, petroleum use in the US (and around the world) is not decreasing. Pause to think about that for a second. The impact of a few EVs is being negated by the impact of increasing size of vehicles. We could have made a serious dent simply by replacing all pure-ICE vehicles with hybrids quickly. THEN work on banning combustion engines! Your plan calls for 20-mpg cars to continue to hit the market for years to come. Just as there is an opportunity to clean up the electric grid after the purchase of an EV, there is also an opportunity to improve carbon intensity of petrol/diesel once an ICE car hits the market. Renewable fuels will be an important piece of the puzzle to solving the crisis.
@sd "The time for the somewhat fuel efficient hybrids has come and gone. " As long as pure-ICE vehicles make up majority of the new vehicles on the market, the time hasn't gone. This transition should happen ASAP. It doesn't mean we stop developing PHEVs EVs and FCVs.
Why are efficient hybrids always ignored? We could reduce emissions by half RIGHT NOW by chooseing Escape/RAV4/CR-V Hibrid over Chevrolet Tahoe, for example. Or a Camry Hybrid over some similarly-powered pure-ICE mid-size sedans. You'd give up very little to make this transition.
Let's hope they've systems in place to prevent methane leaks. Blue hydrogen only makes sense if methane leaks can be prevented.
Biodiesel made from food crops is not the solution. There are exciting developments in the production of renewable diesel from organic waste that will simultaneously solve the garbage crisis while reducing GHG emissions.
I meant to say "reduce petroleum consumption by 80%", not "reduce CO2 emissions by 80%". Electricity isn't free, of course.
@bpgeneva We can reduce CO2 emissions by 30% with hybrids, and by 80% with PHEVs. Both without the need for massive infrastructure overhaul and without the need for large batteries. While being cost-competitive with ICE vehicles. This is the right place to start and I'm glad Toyota sees that.
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Jun 12, 2021