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Hi All, Just to clarify. Issues you described were with 2004's and 2008's gen membrane. 2016's gen membrane from BASF much more robust. And our tests confirm that (we did bunch of tests with NREL and other independed contractors).. Some of them will be published in our new version of the whitepaper soon. You should understand... that using existing membrane brings us to 2kW/kg at SYSTEM level (stack + BoP).. which is already acceptable by market (3 paying customers in our portfolio... this is a good confirmation). A new program with BASF (their new 2021's gen membrane + our new MEA tech) can give us >3kW/kg which is important for narrow-body fix-wing planes (but actually in our models we got 4kW/kg). I can again suggest to organize a call with my team and discuss the question. Last time my proposal was ignored :) Better once to listen us rather than argue in comments... :) Let me know if you would like to do so. Alex CEO and Co-Founder At HyPoint
@sd, @SJC, @Davemart, @All Hi All, I’m CEO and co-founder of HyPoint. First, I’d like to thank you for your interest and discussion you had here. I think, it would be great to clarify a few questions you touched. 1. Indeed, HyPoint is a startup company, but we're no strangers to hydrogen fuel cell technology – we have a lot of experience in development of different types of fuel cells. 2. In our whitepaper (May version) we mention that we are the 17 employees’ company, but the company currently comprises >35 employees and most of them are engineers. And actually it’s not enough  we are actively hiring. 3. We did a lot of tests (with independent labs, including NREL). That data absolutely matched and correlated with our expectations and math models. That provided us with data necessary for a full-scale system designing. We do strongly believe in 2kW/kg at system level. 4. In September 2021 we are going to publish a new version of the tech whitepaper, where we will provide more details on the system design and tests results. If you have any questions, I suggest to place a zoom call together next week (a private 1 hour session). My team will provide you more details and will be happy to answer on your questions. If that works for you please register here. Best Regards, Alex
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Aug 30, 2021