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VMI 1979 - Civil Engineering, GWU 1987 - Engineering Management, 1992 - Business Administration; Career - US Army, Corps of Engineers, Department of Defense and Department of State - 33 years; Consultant / Contractor to Department of State - 7 years.
Interests: Piano - classical, jazz, Great American songbook; War Between the States; History of American Railroads; Industrial Archaeology; Ukrainian / Russian history, languages, art, literature, military.
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This is correct! It is a contractual oath and why no Confederate officers who resigned from the U.S. Army or U.S. Navy were ever tried for treason. They resigned and their contractual obligations were terminated. it is amazing that 19th Century Americans had a better grasp of legal procedure, the use of standard American English and legal requirement than modern day 21st Century Americans. I attribute this to a very strong ahistoric tread in American culture, anchored in the concrete of invincible ignorance.
The inspiring beginning of the ethos and can-do spirit of the U.S. Army. Thank you for posting!
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