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FEMA region 9
Trump won the 2020 election.
Interests: everything interests me,,,,, except sports.
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Hmmm, while browsing on my phone I clicked the link and read the story, came back to my desk computer to type this and can't get back to the article to get the specific name of the planning commission lady mentioned in the article because the article is now behind a paywall (one free view per month). If I wasn't cheap I might sign up for the virtual rag but.. anyway, I appreciate the woman's concern about building pleasant walkways and shade or whatever. I'm wondering if she has worked out the esthetics of the traffic control ingress and egress depending upon the BSL requirements. Are they going to be BSL-1, BSL-2+, BSL-3, or maybe the very sexy and high value BLS-4 labs. There might be some extra fencing and gates where they could grow some pretty trees and such. BTW, I also wonder how home values are going in close proximity to the labs in Wuhan these days? Up or down? Wouldn't surprise me either way.
Did somebody say electric cars?
Amazing, I kind of agree with you about Sue Lempert. Ugh, she is a fossil. And if you are younger than about 65 you might feel like calling her a hag, although that is sexist, and you should be cancelled from Facebook and Twitter (but Joe, not from here please). But your infatuation with scientism is a bit much. I'm not a medical scientist but I am able to do arithmeticy things like division, even with all those damn zeros. A lot of people like Resident Biden have problems with big numbers. In ol'white'joe's case it is not ageist to point that weakness because it was well know throughout his 50 years in congress that he was not particularly bright. He was known by even those in his own party to be an idiot. Here's a short two minute video that might be put your scientism into perspective. Check this out: The really crazy thing about that Sue Lempert person and that younger ranting Tucker is that they are actually expressing some concern for children in preference over us other fossils that are the ones dying (the couple pennies)(maybe it will turn out to be five, maybe six, who knows?).
Yeah, maybe we can divert a little more of the latest spending for studying desalination.
How does one get involved with election integrity? There are indications that elections throughout this country are rigged. I have no idea whether that is true here in Burlingame. My informal poling of my neighbors leads me to believe that any Democrat can win over a Republican. So there is a possibility that here in this part of California conservatives are going to lose every issue and race without the Democrats resorting to cheating. But still it makes sense to be checking the integrity of the vote here. How can we do this? Years ago when I lived in the east bay I volunteered to work a polling station during a mid term election, helping people sign in and vote with paper ballots. As we get further away from paper ballots and other requirements for voting I'm not sure what we can do to try to make sure things are on the up and up. Any ideas?
I posted a few weeks ago about this. We are up against bigger forces than the carpet baggers. Biden has been installed by these huge forces. The point is that these forces wants to take down the system and build back something else. We are in the early years of the largest war in history and we are losing.
I'm wondering if Jackie Speier could tell us how many refugees she is planning to resettle here in Burlingame. There must be an official number somewhere.
putin? I have heard some bad things about him. I heard he is against promoting gay lifestyle issues on TV! That's outrageous. But I kind of doubt he would be in favor of releasing 75,000 violent offenders from prison - 20,000 of them with "life" sentences. Newsom? or Putin?, Newsom? or Putin? I'd pick Vlad any day. or the transgender or the porn star, as long as they aren't a member of the Democrat party. Anything, anyone but the democrats that have destroyed this once great state. Actually Rick Grennell might be great. Hope he runs.
It's ABC news so treat it as such but here is a worrying story: If you vote for anyone in the party that supports this you are causing this. To the rest of us, a minority here, try to stay lucky.
It has been ridiculous to the extreme to think that recycling was going to have any real effect on reducing environmental problems. It just feels good, and that accounts for a lot. So we do it: I sort the trash and take the different cans to the curb every week, I drive a high mileage car and used to take the train. I now get to go back to using my reusable bags for groceries again because the government is resetting the PCR counts to show that we can temporarily go back to some old habits - all fine stuff, but it ain't gonna make a darn bit of difference. You know what is going to make a difference for the future of our children and theirs and all of humanity? It's getting the first two shots. These new drugs are the beginning of the only real solution to a huge growing list of problems confronting humanity. While promoted as vaccines, these incredible drugs are using new technologies for changing our DNA to adapt to a lot of new modern stresses. It's been fascinating and a privilege living and working here in technology and seeing tons of stories about CRISPR and other DNA unlocking discoveries that have been coming out for the last twenty years. Many world changing tech has been invented within biking distance of where we live. Lots of new ways have been proposed to take care of problems and many things like cancer that we will be able to cure by just injecting DNA modifying drugs. All this work is starting to get implemented. Today we are tackling covid-19 and the next versions, tomorrow we will have a DNA cure for hormonal imbalances from those plastics now everywhere (yes the plastic is being recycled - by you). Maybe we'll have an injectionable DNA cure for radiation sickness. There is hope. I'll still recycle because, hey that's just who we are.
He also got caught faking a bike ride to work.
I guess I have to explain that the 500 million was my attempt at a cynical joke.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2021 on Movin' on up at The Burlingame Voice
I believe it is the federal government that wants to do away with those raaacist residential zoning rules. well, not exactly. It is forces even larger than the United States government that want The Great Reset. And apparently the people want it too, since Biden got 500 million votes.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2021 on Movin' on up at The Burlingame Voice
Mullin is Becker is Sample: To whom it may concern, I am deeply against all the goals of UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030. It is deeply concerning that you appear to be completely on board with global socialism and totalitarianism. Please change your views.
"Let's put the money to use building a sea wall now." It's more likely the horned bull cost about $3.5M to be taken. I've heard attorneys are not cheap and well, we know city staff don't work for free. And you have to pay them well past when they stop working. I'd guess that $3.5M will in the end buy a few hundred feet of rock and concrete, and more consulting fees.
Well at least they are not being forced to change their name. It's-It is pretty inclusive. Steyn has a comment about the Australian version in trouble. about 5min 15 secs in.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2021 on It's-It Goes East at The Burlingame Voice
Holly, Do you what Calpers is? Do you know about their financial situation? Have you heard of the CCP? Do you know about fiduciary duty and unethical associations to generate personal wealth (graft and corruption) within government and the investment world? I believes Joe's comments are about the situation that Calpers finds itself in to find a new Chief Investment Officer. My comment was a cynical response to Joanne's pleasant and sincere comment in the jury duty topic about seeing fellow citizens participating in jury duty as a sign that the country still has a legal system. Does that help?
Any mention of whether Yu Meng is going to be prosecuted since "we have a country governed by the rule of law"?
I learned a pretty cool term this weekend that describes the left: 聖母婊
The death rates are easily distorted by how they are counted. The positive cases are easily distorted by how many PCR cycles they are using at any particular time. I wonder if this is common knowledge. <- I'm not finishing that sentence with a question mark.
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2021 on Covid Tracking: One Year In at The Burlingame Voice
Only 15 more days to flatten the curve.
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2021 on Covid Tracking: One Year In at The Burlingame Voice
Yes, the high speed rail can carry water from Fresno to all new housing built near rail stations. No need to build pipelines. Just clean green buckets from station to home.
"A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you are talking about REAL MONEY" Not really. When we start throwing around trillions that is when it is not real money. Quiz: How tall would you need to stack $100 bills to make a trillion dollars? a) 84.2 ft b) 765 ft c) 4 miles d) 631 miles Answer:
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2021 on A BART Non-answer at The Burlingame Voice
I doubt it's autocorrect. Lotta tings are changing and your language is one of dem. Speaking of dem.... we live in a republic. If you don't like the way things are going then you better not vote for ANY (zero, nada, zippo) democrat or bolshevic or whatever they go by dees days. You may like Jackie Sp (a very pretty gal, I must admit) but she is one of them and she votes the left's party line so she is a huge problem. This is a republic. We need to vote her and EVERY and ALL dems and socialist/communist out. Don't listen to what they say. Look at how they vote in Congress. She is a nightmare. No dems, ever again. (and no RINO replacements either)
Well done. Almost makes me not want to move.