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FEMA region 9
Trump won the 2020 election.
Interests: everything interests me,,,,, except sports.
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I want the pox report. When will county start posting? I've heard there's a vax on the way.
See above.
You might want to check out on youtube: "The Tallest Bridge In The World Cost $147 Million".
what a joke. I would vote for a candidate whose only platform would be “I will stand against ANY and EVERY bill or law that Democrats support. If they are for it, I’m against it. Democrats are a scourge on this state and on this once great country. Vote for me.” Our country’s only hope is that the new Replacement-Americans that now outnumber us Legacy-Americans wake up and at least save themselves and stop voting (D). But that’s long shot here.
He's thinking it's a pretty good place to park and double lock his urban vehicle since it's so close to a police car that can protect it. But jokes on him cause that cruiser is just a decoy. Evvvverybody knows that by now.
I was there: - Yes, about 30-40 people - Average age: 75 or 80 - Race: all white - Sex: the most passionate and moving statement came from a woman with a horrific story of the evil indoctrination and control that she has been fighting against the school system trying to groom her children. Really sad, and my heart goes out to her and her children. - Mask ratio 5:1 masked, including Mullin and his staff. He warned that Washington DC does not consider this covid BS over and that we should expect to see restrictions come back – or at least that was my take. Mullin is your typical democrat, proud of spending money and apparently clueless about the problems. He dismissed an opening comment from someone that pointed out that he is supposed to represent our views, specifically about SB9 and 10. He feels that he should administrate per his better understanding of the issues and can ignore his constituency. I have to agree with Joe. These type of mini events can only be done under the influence of martinis.
“Eichler-esque”? I guess I can see that. You build it a lot taller, like 20 stories. Forget the 1,2 and 3 bedroom units and make them all studios, put some tall electric fences and armed guards around it, and you got yourself a damn fine concentration camp for young techies. - Telework Will Set You Free.
Wow. I forgot about that building on Park Road being subsidized housing. A friend of a friend of mine has some relatives that have very recently come here from Guatemala (or maybe its Honduras, I wasn't clear on that when we were talking) and they need a place to live here and would like to live in Burlingame. How can I find out about getting them into one or two of those apartments? Super great location and it looks like it's going to be nice. Is there a list or something?
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That mural idea sounds like a great project to get kids to learn that all public property is a fun and rewarding place to express yourself. I say we start providing all school age children with spray cans and let them have fun. (Lord knows they've had a rough couple years.) And maybe spend a few days of the school year dedicated to stencil making and graffiti techniques and have it formally incorporated as part of the social justice as art (or is it art as social justice?) curriculum. A few ideas for the art: How bout “Do NOT Defecate or Urinate near drains” with a few brown objects in the foreground and the san francisco skyline in the background. How bout “NOTICE - This drain is under 24 hour surveillence” with a security camera icon. How bout “Dispose of your NWO apparel responsibility. Do not throw away in drain.” with the mask icon. How bout “Fishes Lives Matter” with fishes tangled in the masks. How bout “Pollution causes Alzheimers” with a picture of Joe Biden. How bout “Crack Pipe Free Zone” with a nice rendering of Hunter Biden.
I’ll proudly admit that I have never worked for the government, but I don’t see why it takes combining two agencies to get coordination of schedules. It just requires one intelligent and knowledgable hands-on type of person from each agency talking to each other a bit. Not a large group of affirmitive action managers meeting for months and years. I know the problem of getting off BART in Milbrae and having to wait in the cold for 59.5 minutes for the next Caltrain to arrive in the evening. But that is an issue of the amount of trains that Caltrain can afford to run; it’s not that the schedules aren’t perfectly coordinated. Too much of the time there is no practicle way to perfectly coordinate them. My experience in better times was that Caltrain for its part was almost always on time, except for the rare Darwinian event. But in contrast BART was often delayed with mechanical problems or criminal activity. So even if a bigger agency could set up a coordinated schedule, the bigger agency would inevitably lead to even more personel costs that would impact the maintenance budget and then with even less maintenance you’d have even more delays on BART, and then eventually have Caltrain cars breaking down too. I have my fingers crossed that we’ll see full trains going up and down the peninsula again, but it wouldn’t take much for another virus to get unleashed and scare half the population back into their masked world. There’s always something lurking out there and I think we’ve proved that we are willing to critically disrupt everything to fight a virus that for >99% of the population is survivable.
Live soul band (70s 80s) at Max's tonight, Monday. March 21 2022. Motown Monday.
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My wife saw the Walgreens on the ave getting robbed back in 2020 by a couple who were being discrete and only using large purses. Now they are walking out with big stuffed black plastic bags and apparently aren't worried about getting their faces on camera or anything else. They are just practicing social justice. This could end over night if we had a different leadership. Selecting any Democrat or pleasant RINO for any position in government is the problem. Do not vote for any Democrat or RINO promising to fix crime by adding more police or fixing the schools. That will NEVER work. The solution to the crime problem is to make the punishment not worth commiting these crimes even in the unlikely chance they are caught. We will know the problem has been solved when your sports apparel is made by highly experienced American, not the Peoples Republic of China, prisoners. I say No to cameras (and the expensive maintanence contracts) and Yes to inexpensive Nikes - “Made in USA”.
I can't imagine this country lasting much longer with Democrats in control of ANYTHING. (government, private industry, or organizing bake sales) Are any of the candidates listed above not Democrats, or even worse, traitorous RINOs?
While it might seem we should have one bigger agency running both BART and Caltrain to save administrative costs and get better coordination, bigger agencies are always worse. I really doubt that a bigger government agency would have overall less employees and make better decisions. It is ALWAYS the opposite. And if we combine Caltrain and BART, then logically the next step would be to combine the other transportation agencies and modes in the bay area, and then California, and then let’s combine all the transportation in the country. And then it all fits into one big world strategy of control. Kind of like a new worldish orderish sort of thing. -- Don’t like it. Don’t want it. And another thing. I don't expect to go back to normal for long. 1) midterms are coming up and 2) a lot of energy has gone toward creating vex passes and digital passports. I don’t think those guys working on it have been laid off.
Burlingame Lives Matter
I agree that it is fundamentally a moral problem. But fixing the family and adopting church values is pretty much out of the question at this point. Expecting the leadership from a Newsom or any politician to the left of Idi Amin is expecting way too much of them. The problems and solutions, and more strickingly, the obvious failure of the only solutions Democrats know how to do, have stared liberals in the face for a very long time. For many systemic reasons Democrat leadership is absolutely incapable of significanlty changing to the degree that is necessary to fix crime, and morality. It's easy to predict that the Democrats will proudly announce that they have this new great idea to hire more police, buy more cameras and contract survalience, and add more district attorneys, conforming to their social justice ideology. And no matter how much money they throw at it it will never be effective, because getting caught and getting prosecuted is not much of a deterent. Punishment that makes a potential criminal weigh whether it is worth doing a crime will have an effect. Even stupid people, or poorly socialized people, or people from other cultures, can weigh their options. Society's commitment to profound punishment is the only deterent now. We will have to change what we consider acceptable punishment, and that hardly requires more police, cameras, or courts. Sorry to say.
I spent more than half my career using Caltrain to commute up to SF and down to Sunnyvale. I was a big supporter of Caltrain. But I think significant commuting on Caltrain is over. As Paloma points it is not useful anymore in the age of fear. We have proved ourselves unworthy of managing our affairs. We blindly bought the Covid narrative and the last two years have shown that the population here in California can be jacked around to do anything out of fear. Anytime the powers that be want to, they can turn off our ability to commute freely, and they will do so. There is no way we should expect Caltrain to be a reliable mass transit solution anymore. The Health department and the teachers unions have more power than the Transportation department, and certainly more than citizens. Now that is not to say that we need to dig up the tracks and sell off all the trains. I suggest we keep the tracks and keep a few trains that we can retrofit with messaging to be able to run them up and down the line for promoting the latest group think. Maybe add some public address speakers to replace the horns and large video monitors on both sides of the cars to get the messages across. Big video screens are better than the printed advertising Caltrain was using because the video screens can cycle the promotions in many languages for those that can read. >>> SAFE AND EFFECTIVE >>> >>> Segura y efectiva >>> >>> SAFE AND EFFECTIVE >>> >>> SAFE AND EFFECTIVE >>> >>> सुरक्षित और प्रभावी >>> >>> SAFE AND EFFECTIVE >>> >>> 安全有效 >>> >>> SAFE AND EFFECTIVE
I had Spitelli's in Belmont install a Cat Shield. I wanted to use a Burlingame shop but Spitelli's had the best price for me. But that is not a solution. It's pleasant to hear that a couple thieves were caught early one morning and yes, thank you to the neighbor that called the police and thank you to the police that caught the thieves. But I suspect those fine hard working guys are back out on the street right now. They are probably illegally here, and dealing with chop shops run by people that are illegally here. And actually my assumption about there legal status is not even the point. They might be home grown blond men trying to pay their way through med school. (well, we know that's not gonna happen because I doubt any respectable med school wants to educate a person of that persuasion.) The point is: that what we consider an acceptable punishment is known at some level by the people that choose to do crime. They know that if they are caught they will be out on bail very quickly and if they eventually do end up in court they will probably not go to prison, and if they do go to prison they will probably get out pretty quickly. To fix crime we need to change our tolerance for crime by changing our ideas of what is acceptable punishment. Until we move, and narrow, the Overton window we will never get a handle on this problem. I better stop there.
100% agree. MRNA has messed up this county. And the state and the country. This vaccine crap and the mandates and business failures, handout scammers, printing trillions, excuse for election fraud, masking and vaccinating children who have a 0.000000000001% chance of dying from covid, was completely unnecessary. The virus could have been effectively handled with therapeutics that were criminally kept from the public. People should tried and hang for this. ohhh, sorry, I see this is about RHNA, not MRNA... but this MRNA thing is also unnecessary in a free country, which unfortunately our country ain't no mo. You masked for it, you got it.
Agreed. Be careful what you masked for.
Hey, I hate eucalyptus trees, Teslas and buses as much as the next guy but I am not going to blame those things for why El Camino Real is screwed up. Roads wear out and we just don't have the money to fix them because we are socialists and communists in California and we have to take care of the government first ( so that it can take care of us. Once we have made our government large enough and compensated them well enough we can start taking care of the roads. Onward comrades.
It's a tragic combo of a lot of destructive factors. My point being that current pols have belief in the BuildBackBetter(D) world view. But I'll agree that incompetence is a big factor, for sure. But it is the incompetence of the citizenry. Burlingamers, Bay Areans, and CaliPfornians want these Democrats or they wouldn't be voting for Democrats. For gosh sakes, look at the Warden Newsom recall numbers. People that vote for Democrats are incompetent to decide how to run a functioning republic. They have made it a one party state. Here we are on this forum discussing the successor to a Jackie Speier and trying to find someone decent between one Democrat and another Democrat. It's embarrassing.
Joe, all of the 27 sentences you wrote (let alone the links) are filled with an impressive amount of real, not fictitious, accomplishments if the goal is to destroy the place and Build Back Better(D). BTW, Waldo's left the building.
Joe, dude, you're doing my material.
Don't give Facebook any ideas. They might turn all that unused office space on the waterfront into retail (or wholesale) showrooms.
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