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Retired Tech nerd
Interests: Photography, art, tech
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Have you always had the superman curl? Or are you really Clark Kent's secret identity? Happy Holidays ;) [One thing I can never claim is being super! Walter Mitty maybe. --Mike]
I picked up 2nd hand D7200 for $US350. It was perfect. I suddenly discovered that my old film Nikon lenses had CA and were not as sharp as I remembered ;) Love this camera. Takes me back to an F4. Talking about the F4, the last generation Nikons and Canons would be my pick for film AF with the Canons like EOS-1 and EOS-3 probably being the best?? I am/was a Nikon guy but was jealous of the Canon AF sometimes. If you just want a focus point AF... i.e no real smarts then a 8008s or F90x would do. Love the 8008. The first camera that I bought new. As for 4/3; the in-camera post processing capabilities seem interesting. i.e. great 5ax stabilization, post capture re-focus, high res mode, etc. I am a fuji guy(XE3/XT20/X100v) and have just bought a X-S10 'cause I love the lenses, but I'd love some of these CP features in the next gen X line.
Mike, its not quite the same topic but the following book had a big effect on me. Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Art making. David Bayles & Ted Orland. eISBN : 978-0-961-45472-2 I read it when ever "whats the point? i'll never be Mozart" gets too loud in my head. Thank you for all you do. Brian
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Apr 14, 2021