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East Asia Pacific Group: Question 1: What link does America’s military aid to Pakistan have to sustainability? Is a common initiative of sustainability achievable with the current military conflict occurring today? Question 2: How much does unemployment correlate with the population pyramid in South Asia? Is the volatility in population pyramids a direct cause in significant unemployment rates? Question 3: Although water is important, is there a scarcity of other materials or resources within the region that could lead to conflict? Question 4: In the past, western intervention within the Middle East has caused resentment and many issues. How can SDG goals be achieved while also respecting a country’s sovereignty? Question 5: Keeping in mind that the private sector is “the largest employer of the youth”, how can South Asia ensure that the humanitarian SDG’s can be achieved and fight the on-going threat of child labor within the area? Question 6: How would one respond to those that question the rationale behind focusing on the Gen Z workforce (⅕ of the population) without factoring in time? Would youth labor policy remain consistent throughout future generations?
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May 10, 2022