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Al's Corner is a place to comment on local issues and articles/comments from other local forums that you may or may not have been banned from. For the few Rule-ez at Al's Corner, see "Pages" --> "Al's Corner - What It Is". Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at The Davisite
Last night, less than an hour after the Rec & Park Commission meeting considered Sky Track #large echo & trumpets#, a bizarre posting appeared on a Facebook Page with the City Logo that reads like an oil company trying to claim environmental brownie points after running an oil tanker into... Continue reading
Posted Jun 22, 2022 at The Davisite
Recreation & Parks Commission, I am highly concerned about the proposal to change the sound standards for the City of Davis. My understanding from articles written by former mayor Joe Krovoza is that standards are in consideration to be changed in terms of duration, levels, and measurement of peaks. I... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2022 at The Davisite
Al's Corner is a place to comment on local issues and articles/comments from other local forums that you may or may not have been banned from. For the few Rule-ez at Al's Corner, see "Pages" --> "Al's Corner - What It Is". Continue reading
Posted Jun 20, 2022 at The Davisite
Today the D. Vanguard recycled some old content from January 2021 in a 'new' article "Commentary: Long Troubled by Some of the Comments on Pacifico" and sprinkled in some recent content from an Anti-NIMBY Council-meeting public comment. I, too, am disgusted by some of the comments on Pacifico, but the... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2022 at The Davisite
SUBJECT: Commentary: This Columnist Got It Right and Democrats (and More Broadly the Left) Better Wake Up… Soon (D. Vanguard 6/17/2022) More if the same. Crime isn't really up. DA's don't cause crime. Stats show . . . blah blah blah blah blah None of this matters. It isn't Democrats that need to wake up, it's the woke progressives who need to wake up. Democrats killed Chesa. And . . . "The left better wake up. This was a shot across their bow. LA is next." There is no reason to wake up. You're already dead. If you saw the two cops killed and one of the cop's mother blaming Gascon for letting the perp out of prison and allowing him to be killed -- political grief porn, but none the less the stake through Gascon's career heart. Progressive woke do need to wake up. Many of us are for reform. But when you talk about defunding the police and not enforcing laws and letting murderers out of prison . . . you kill your own movement.
SUBJECT: Comment of the Year by Todd Edelman (Davis Vanguard, Doesn't Matter What Article) " . . . Cats love to sit inside small boxes and there will be homes in the Asteroid Belt if there are minerals there that we need."
" I must admit that I take some satisfaction at the results of the latest election. Not because I don't like the Vanguard . . . " I must admit that I take some satisfaction at the results of the latest election because I don't like the Vanguard.
SUBJECT: Student Housing CEQA Streamlining Legislation Moves Forward (Davis Vanguard 6/15/22) A related article on the rise of the YIMBY movement: YIMBY: The making of a movement COMMENT: Yeah a bowel movement :-|
I am watching the City Council meeting. Not a mask in sight. No masks on Council, nor staff that I've seen, not on most commenters (sans Conner Gorman who sported a surgical mask), and significantly no masks on the two men presenting the update on Healthy Davis Together. The City response above stated: "At this time, masking in an indoor, public setting is strongly encouraged by the Yolo County Health Officer, but it is not required." So the message back from everyone in Chambers tonight to the Yolo County Heath Officer is "f*ck you" ??? I am not being crass just to be crass, I am emphasizing how stark a contrast this is between health recommendations and how everyone in Chambers is behaving. How else are we to interpret this ? The only other interpretation I can come up with is #wink, wink# the Health Officer is "wrong" and everyone: staff, council, and public, knows better. Or . . . ? How do YOU interpret the discrepancy between the "strong recommendation", and the fact nearly everyone is ignoring it? That amid rising infection rates. And what is this message "masking in an indoor, public setting is strongly encouraged" ? WHY is "masking" even an acceptable term to be used by any health official? Note: this is not to be specifically critical of our health officer, this is rampant - right up to the state and national messages about 'face coverings' as if they are all the same. That's like saying a Noah's bagel is equivalent to an authentic boiled water bagel :-| To explain why this irks me so strongly, I read a study that starkly emphasized just how different the generic term 'masks' are in terms of effectiveness. It was an experiment that studied how long two people wearing the same mask-type could be in a room safely before the virus (Omicron variant) spread to the other person. The answer: cloth mask was little different than no mask; with surgical masks (both people wearing them) people were safe for about 15 minutes; while N95's protected the wearers for over 12 hours!!! So WHY does anyone, anymore just say 'masks' or 'face coverings' ??? Having said all this, I truly appreciate the Healthy Davis Together program and the six-month extension. But, I still don't understand the timing. I know several students who got Covid-19 in May and June, and from what I hear the number of infections is exploding. So, therefore, time to end the testing, because -- few are dying? If that's the message, please, just end the charade and SAY it !!!
I received this reply from the City: Dear Alan, Thank you for writing to the City Council regarding Healthy Davis Together and masking. All Councilmembers have received your email, and I am acknowledging it on their behalf. At this time, masking in an indoor, public setting is strongly encouraged by the Yolo County Health Officer, but it is not required. Thank you for your suggestion. Regarding Healthy Davis Together, the presentation tonight will be informative about the wind-down of the program and what options we have now. The County and the Cities of Davis, West Sacramento and Woodland, along with DJUSD, funded the current extension of the testing program through the end of June 2022. The decision and plan to end the testing program June 30 has been in the works since last December and is now final. We understand this will be a significant change for many, however, we are fortunate that there are many options for free and low-cost COVID-19 tests in our community/county. Healthy Davis Together will be publicizing testing options as HDT draws to a close. For example, OptumServe in Woodland offers antigen and PCR COVID-19 tests as well as treatment options for those who test positive and may be at higher risk of serious infection. COVID-19 testing will still be done by healthcare providers and local retail pharmacies like CVS and Rite Aid, which also offer over-the-counter, at-home test kits. A list of testing resources will be posted on the Healthy Davis Together website ( after HDT testing ends for easy community access. For Yolo County testing resources: You can call (833) YOLOCOV (965-6268) or visit the COVID-19 resources page of the Yolo County website for additional testing information across the county: In California, health insurance plans will reimburse you for over-the-counter testing kits you purchase at local retailers. If you are on Medicare or Medicaid, you can get COVID-19 test kits for free. In addition, all US households are eligible to order free COVID-19 at-home tests through the US Postal Service. You can request at-home kits at Thank you so much for your engagement on this issue. Best regards, Barbara BARBARA ARCHER (she/her/hers) Communications & Customer Service Manager
City Councilmembers, I note that Healthy Davis Together (HDT) is scheduled to end its public testing services at the end of this month. I am concerned about the timing of this closure during a large surge of Covid-19. The surge is not unexpected with masking reduction, public burnout and a... Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2022 at The Davisite
SUBJECT: "Planning Commission Rejects Extension for Chiles Ranch, Key Question: Why Can’t Chiles Ranch Get Built?" (Davis Vanguard 6/13/22) ANSWER: The place is being held in stasis (cursed) by a woman named Mary Bado Simmons, and rightfully so: "Mary Bado Simmons, the mother of Sonia McFarland and grandmother of Michael, Kenneth and Nina, won the ability to not bury their remains with "the murderer." She also won full legal rights to the property . . . Mary Bado Simmons kept the entire property in an undeveloped state as a memorial to her grandchildren, son-in-law and daughter until her death in 2006 at the age of 98." The spirit and will of Mary Bado Simmons remains strong. If anyone reading this thinks I'm joking, you don't know me. When M.B.S. feels the memory of her grandchildren, son-in-law and daughter are respectfully honored, the development will be built.
"DG asked to interview me for the article on the council being out of touch - I declined." Thank you for disrespecting the Davis Vanguard and rejecting it, as I do, as a legitimate, decent or desireable community entity. More people need to just walk away and let it rot. "If the council believes in democracy, and thinks they are in sync with Davis voters [#snip#] they will put the district 3 seat Lucas is vacating on the ballot rather than just appointing some crony." Amen, brother Walsh, amen! Speaking from District 3, this is a hot topic here. Can you imagine we have the City Council simply pick someone "for" us? That almost could be legitimized when all seats were "at large". With Districts? No f*cking way can Districts 1,2,4 and 5 pick District 3's replacement. No f*cking way!
The criteria may seem wrong, but the attorney's do what they believe will work for their client in an adversarial system. It has nothing to do with 'ethics' or 'politically correct'. Greg Rowe comment should be an article in itself. I know a few older persons called recently for jury duty, and not comfortable with it. Not sure what they are thinking.
SUBJECT: Sunday Commentary: Is Council Out of Touch with the Davis Community? [Davis Vanguard 6/12/22] Reisig won; H Lost; Chesa lost QUESTION: Al's Commentary: Is Vanguard Out of Touch with the Davis/Yolo/State Community?
Al's Corner is a place to comment on local issues and articles/comments in other local forums that you may or may not have been banned from. For the few Rule-ez at Al's Corner, see "Pages" --> "Al's Corner - What It Is". Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2022 at The Davisite
SUBJECT: Sunday Commentary: Is Council Out of Touch with the Davis Community? By David M. Greenwald, Executive Editor [Davis Vanguard, 6/12/22] " . . . the disconnect between the council and community . . . " "I have a few theories on this." "I have, as I said, a few theories on this." In case anyone missed it, he has a few theories on this. As he said.
SUBJECT: "Guest Commentary: Students Angered at Commencement Cancellation, Failure to Plan for Heat" (Davis Vanguard, 6/11/22) " . . . we are frustrated that more measures were not taken beforehand to account for the high temperatures that were forecasted well in advance and consistent with historical temperatures." CONSISTENT with historical temperatures?!!! What about global warming? What about Davis warming? I laugh when people tell me how hot it is and due to climate change. I tell them no, it used to be hot many more days each summer. Now what IS true is them thar hills are a lot drier, and that might be due to 'climate change', however you wish to define that, cuz the climate is always changing. I think it's the idea that humans caused this. Probably contributed since the industrial revolution, and continuing right on through China burning half the world's coal, now, today. Good luck reversing that. Time to continue to work to clean the air as we reasonably can, and ADAPT as best we can. Not even Superman can reverse what we've done to this planet's atmosphere. But back to the event. Sounds like a clust-f*ck of bad planning and turning a blind ear to student suggestions that would have been a better plan than what the U did, at least as per the ASUCD story, which in this case sounds pretty believable. Not sure having all those people indoor with masks would have been a better solution for multiple reasons, but clearly the U failed to adequately plan for this.
Oh, sorry, didn't mean to get everyone's hopes up. The Vanguard sever is again serving up fresh cow pies for mass digestion. Eat up!
I believe the silo didn't get deeper, but may have collapsed. The Vanguard website has been unreachable for a couple of hours now. My theory is that development money being used to prop up the Vanguard through the election has run out and the Vanguard can no longer pay the bills to keep its server running. Has anyone archived the last 20 years of articles so they aren't lost? We could upload the archive, spread the BS in the field where DISC II was supposed to go, and it would be the most productive farmland in the Central Valley!
The error that both the developer and David Greenwald made it simple -- immersion bias. They only interacted with the College Democrats Organization, who as a block voted 100% and voted 100% for the project. The developer and David Greewald then assumed: A) All student care about this (wrong); B) All students vote (wrong); C) All students who care and vote will vote 'yes' (wrong). By "All" I mean "Most". Cuz I change words to mean new things now. I saw the woke doing it and thought I'd give it a try. Anyway, they were immersed in a tiny number of politically active, pro-housing, woke, progressive, student activists, and forgot to walk around campus and notice everyone else. Ooops
Maybe the developers should buy a pony for every student who votes for DISC III.
So far with four Al's Corner's and a couple of articles, hundreds of comments (most of them mine), I have not "moderated" a single comment nor banned a single person. The "rulez" for Al's corner is under "Al's Corner - What It Is" in the 'Pages' Section. I strive to be as consistent as inhumanly possible in enforcing these few rules. I strive primarily to be NOT inconsistent, moody, politically-biased, silent-as-to-why, not following posted rules, telling people to 'figure it out', not having new rules and not following the non-existent rules, an asshole, sell plants, etc. However, I do need to flag one comment in these comments. I decided not to delete the comment, as if you delete something, especially without saying why, how can people know what is not acceptable? And so in the rulez it says no direct personal insults, and that leeway is given for public figures; i.e., you can insult a public figures's decision making qualities, but not their weight (i.e., their 'figure' -- go figure). And so to the following comment: Personally I just had to look at the smear campaign that the neo-nazi looking DA ran against Ms. Rodriguez to know he was no bueno. My criteria for a public figure is: is the direct insult to their persona as a politician (etc.), or it to their personal persona? As I see it, if you are saying, "the neo-nazi looking DA" and that refers to a single person, it is a direct insult to their appearance, which is not a political persona trait. Therefore, I am flagging that comment. [flag] What that means is I am pointing this out as an example of something that is not acceptable at Al's Corner. You can insult their political persona and their record from here until Sunday. Or Monday. But appearance . . . off limits. I won't remove the comment so we'll all know what isn't cool. However, if a single person keeps doing the same thing over and over, that could lead to an actual removal of a comment. The horror! We should do an office pool on when that happens :-| Thanks, all. This moderation thing is easy when one is consistent. ROFL