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Cece Hohman
Research and Policy Associate
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Access and Participation in Dual Enrollment: Education leaders are increasingly interested in encouraging transition to college through dual and concurrent enrollment, particularly for rural learners. Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central studied access and participation in dual enrollment based on locale and income using data on students and high schools in... Continue reading
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate changes in the labor market, community and technical colleges are increasingly seen as essential institutions to provide workforce education. While two-year institutions have the reach, scale and infrastructure to deliver the upskilling that will be needed in years ahead, policymakers are challenged with... Continue reading
Challenges in Sharing State Data: According to a report by the Data Quality Campaign (DQC), the pandemic has caused disrupted post-high school pathways, high levels of unfinished learning and low levels of student enrollment and engagement in secondary schools. Using public opinion polling of principals and parents, the report reveals... Continue reading
Credential Quality and Transparency: With nearly one million unique credentials issued by 500,000 providers in the United States, both data transparency and credential quality assurance are essential for learners to make informed decisions about their futures. The National Skills Coalition (NSC) has released a toolkit providing a guide for how... Continue reading
A Stronger Nation: The Lumina Foundation recently updated their data tool, A Stronger Nation, which measures the nation’s postsecondary education attainment rate. It provides data by national, state, county and metro level and disaggregates the data by race/ethnicity, age and credential type. The tool also measures the nation’s progress toward... Continue reading
The Urban Institute, in collaboration with the CTE CoLab coalition, published a report this spring discussing COVID-19's impact on postsecondary CTE. Researchers surveyed staff representing eight CTE programs in 69 colleges across 30 states to compare shifts in instructional delivery during the pandemic. The report found that: In-person instruction rates... Continue reading
Cece Hohman added a favorite at CTE Policy Watch: A blog for CTE advocates
Aug 25, 2021
Cece Hohman added a favorite at CTE Policy Watch: A blog for CTE advocates
Aug 20, 2021
Amplifying Equity in Perkins V: In February 2021, the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity completed its first Equity Leadership Academy for States. The academy focuses on helping state postsecondary education agencies to center equity in the Perkins V comprehensive local needs assessment (CLNA) implementation process. Stakeholders and students from... Continue reading
My name is Cece Hohman, and I recently joined ACTE’s public policy team as the Research and Policy Associate. In this role, I will help to inform members about CTE data, policy and advocacy updates and conduct research on relevant policies and best practices. In my first ACTE blog post,... Continue reading
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Aug 16, 2021