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Governance quality, remittances and their implications for food and nutrition security: Does food security lead to more stable governance or does stable governance lead to food security? Why does the article differentiate nutrition security and food security? I’d one more important than the other? How could a system of remittances for food be implemented by countries with such little wealth? How can you ask the people in the governments of SSA countries that are benefiting from corruption and poor governance to be expected to fix those problems? A long way to go… Are WASH targets necessary to promote other SDGs or do other SDGs need to take place in order for WASH to become recognizable? Is there urban responsibility in ensuring SDGs in rural areas? How has the shift from MDGs to SDGs affected the WASH targets in sub-saharan africa?
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(From Latin America Group 3) Sustainable Development in Australia: Is the “Green Star” policy created by the Australian government effective? What other policy could be implemented that could be more effective? The tenant, building owner, and government all have a role in driving demand for sustainable buildings. Which dynamics are most important for continuing sustainability demand in the future? I’m curious what steps Australia has taken in sustainable development since the article was written in 2010. Have any of the suggested strategies to encourage ESD buildings been implemented? How is the rest of EAP affected by this issue? China on creating sustainable development: Is the focus of policy on specific cities' needs rather than national standards a blueprint that can be more widely popularized to promote sustainable development? How would the special management system be able to enforce their regulations? How will the extreme reliance these cities have on a singular resource affect the lives of people when regulations are made? Why is there no mention of helping these economies evolve away from reliance on that singular resource?
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May 8, 2022