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Alicia Holmes
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I thought I'd comment today after following you these last 12 years. To illustrate the exactness of what you've written regarding this 9th degree in Aries, I must provide the following, an excerpt from a message I sent an old flame at 10:49pm July 28, 2022: "...I release you, free and clear, no hard feelings. Just peace on my path forward and hopefully yours too. I learned everything we agreed to when we set out, and there is no need to carry unlearned lessons into the future. My heart feels restored. Hopefully it lightens your load." There are moments that are such perfection as these. Thank you, Robert, for all the years of insight and entertainment. Alicia - progressed moon 9 Aries, natal chiron 15 Aries, natal mercury 25 Pisces, 9th house.
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Jul 30, 2022