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Vilmer Alvarado
Kansas City
Research & Policy Associate
Recent Activity
The U.S. Department of Labor recently hosted workforce development advocates and professionals from around the United States at the Youth Employment Works Summit to discuss its new youth and young adult employment initiative that prioritizes these workers in developing the workforce of the nation. The initiative is called the Youth... Continue reading
The following research roundup will look at five reports by four different publishers that recently sought to analyze some of the most important issues surrounding community colleges and other institutions offering postsecondary CTE. The reports come from New America, the RAND Corporation, Columbia University’s Community College Research Center and Work... Continue reading
Measuring Secondary Program Quality: A December 2022 report by the U.S. Department of Education describes outcomes of the Department’s Quality Indicator Project, an initiative to assist states in refining the validity, reliability and accuracy of their new quality indicators under Perkins V – recognized postsecondary credential attainment, postsecondary credit attainment... Continue reading
ACTE has analyzed the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 omnibus appropriations bill signed into law in December 2022 and identified more than 260 projects in which funding was awarded to education institutions for initiatives related to CTE and career development, equaling over $290 million. These earmarks or congressionally directed spending opportunities... Continue reading
The following reports, released by researchers who are part of the CTE Research Network (CTERN), seek to help educators and administrators better understand how the design and implementation of CTE programs affect learner outcomes. ACTE is proud to be one of the Network leads, focused on supporting and disseminating causal... Continue reading
Recently, researchers affiliated with the CTE Research Network (CTERN) released several briefs describing findings of ongoing research on the impacts of CTE. ACTE is one of the CTERN leads and supports the network in its efforts to promote causal research into how CTE affects learner outcomes. CTE-Focused Dual Enrollment: Participation... Continue reading
As of early February 2023, the Education Commission of the States has reported that at least 19 governors have mentioned CTE in their State of the State addresses. Additionally, 14 governors have addressed the importance of aligning postsecondary education with workforce development. The following list contains information about CTE proposals... Continue reading
My name is Vilmer Alvarado, and I recently joined the ACTE Public Policy Department as the newest Research and Policy Associate. In this role, my core responsibility is to support and advance the Association’s policy, advocacy and professional development goals by collecting and using research, data and best practices to... Continue reading
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Feb 6, 2023