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I have some philosophical issues, presently, with solving our transportation problems with a personal car solution a/k/a the electric car. Shall we hence pave over the rest of the world and declare victory of some sorts? Some thought should be given to the concept of "cheap energy," and it's insidious ability to promote and encourage extravagant consumption. If electric works for personal cars, shouldn't it be even more efficient in buses and trains? In other words, might the short-term "solution" be an exciting but unethical "flash in the pan," in regard to personal consumption, the individual, and the power of ego? The approach du jour would be doubly powerful if and when if recognizes the concept of sustainability; so far, the present approach simply involves replacing an engine, rather than tossing it and starting again, on all fronts.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2008 on Davos 2008 at The Long Tailpipe - Shai Agassi's Blog