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Good news - I suggested this a few weeks ago, so am thinking that I triggered this great change ;) I will wait until you allow the download to its own master source though. The collection should be the master source IMO, not just FamilySearch. It's easier to make global changes on master sources than it is to update the details on one. So, putting FamilySearch as the master would cause too broad of changes if you ever update it. Also, if you change it to the use source as master source, are you going to allow everyone who downloaded them into the details format to convert those details into new master sources? That would seem tricky - so I'll just wait until you do it the next way. Thanks
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good post, hopefully everyone knows how to do this in Legacy and sources all their info! This is a really big feature I'd like to see added to Legacy and would be worth an upgrade - automatically include the properly sourced citations for all databases on,, and other major sites that have unique collections. I find that trying to fit a database into one of the pre-defined templates in Legacy can be difficult and not correct. I end up using Internet, website, generic for most source citations because it's general enough and I just input the proper cite. Please implement the auto-cite feature from major sites!
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Apr 13, 2015