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Disclaimer: I have bought Colberg's book but haven't read it yet. But I "know" him, being a long-time reader of his blog (the one with the stupid name). My thoughts for the moment are more in line with what Andrew Molitor wrote some time ago, reviewing the same book: Also: Colberg's elitist view of photography and photobooks and his random appreciations for ugly artsy stuff does not appeal to me. On the other hand (and Mike, you should check him out if havent't done so already) we have Daniel Milnor who's not an artist, but loves photography, and advocates the use of self-publishing books just to get stuff out, and out of your mind, without committing absurd amount of money to the project (or should I write "Project"?). Check these blog posts for example: and this is a must read (together with all the other posts on his Essay series), inspirational for whoever thinks he *needs* a designer, a layout guy, professional advice like Colberg suggests:
I wanted to show off with a photo of some cute film camera like this one: But honestly, I have never used it. This one on the other hand, has seen some action; it's a Nikon FM2 that I inherited from my wife's dad, together with a bunch of nice old manual lenses like the 50/1.4 you see pictured here, a 28mm f/2.8 Ai that I use a lot on my modern Nikon -- a D600 --, and a couple of longer lenses that while small and well built I just can't use effectively (200mm f/4 Ai and a 70-150 zoom which I think is a lens that Galen Rowell used or anyway mentioned somewhere): Sorry for the digression on old Nikon lenses. Anyway, this is the camera that I'm currently in love with, it's also a vintage camera but in a different way; a Fuji XPro-1 bought a few months ago for very little money and that I have written about in my little blog: Alessandro // aadm
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Feb 20, 2017