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I think I will also have to disagree about the United States being a vibrant democracy. But I think it is also true that any democracy cannot be vibrant unless the term is meant pejoratively. In a democracy, the largest group uses the law to enslave everyone else, and to call slavery liberty is obviously the wrong way to go about things. I also hope that when it is said that struggling countries need a vision, the idea is not that it be enforced by the government. The vision of some leader or legislator may not be my vision (or your vision, or anyone's vision), and it seems like terrible transgression of my liberty to be forced by law to sacrifice my time, energy, and resources for some nationalistic project that's supposed to give my life direction. Are citizens so helpless that they cannot make decisions for themselves? Are they unable to set their own particular goals? Can they not have their own particular visions? What does a society know, anyway? I submit that it's nothing. There is no unified thing that is a society. A society is a composite of people, and people can have knowledge. But a society is not an entity of its own and should not be considered as such. If it is so considered, individuals, the only ones with any real value, will be crushed for "the good of society." Since society has no collective identity or unity, it makes no sense to say it have visions, goals, or knowledge. As such, what is needed is individual liberty, so that people can determine their own future and their own goals. If others wish to subject themselves to the vision of others, that is their concern. But those people have no right to impose, though the heavy hand of the government, that vision on those who do not wish to participate.
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Jul 16, 2012