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Since I spend the time to contradict you when I feel it is needed I will take the time to agree with you on this matter. Seminarian or not the Scripture is clear on this one, and though many people take the descent into hell in many ways it is hard to deny and the idea of Jesus walking out of the tomb with His new body is clearly inconsistent with what the Word says. I would take more offense that Dr. Dean disagrees with scripture than with a man written document no matter how correct it is. Sometimes people say things they have not clearly thought out and maybe this was one of those times. I will agree this should not be the case while proclaiming the Word of God. To the members of Travis I must say that you are to hold your pastor accountable and not use Don to do so. If you have not called your pastor then you should not have called Don. Don's opening comments about the internet are true, but you have much more responsibility than Don to lovingly address your pastor about concerns. Dr. Dean has a tremendous responsibility, but so do you. Hebrews 13:17, Col. 3:12, 2 Tim. 2:24-26
Thank you for the reference. I must have misread this verse when I was searching. I can see where this verse could lead one to that thought. Just for thought, are the four creatures holding the harps and bowls as well? If so are they to be prayed to? I would not use the argument against this practice that the website argued against. There would be no way to know if they are or are not able to hear our prayers. I would say that it is a stretch to take these prayers as our prayers. Though I can see where they are coming from just as I can see the differences in Romans 8 I will continue to allow the Holy Spirit to take my prayers. If they are grabbed by the saints and then given to God then that is His plan. I have been working on something dealing with Romans 8:1 and when I get the details worked out I will send it to you. I would also say we need to look at who is revered in scripture. Stick with the word revere as some other forms mean respect and are not as strong as revere. I do still agree with the overall idea of the blog.
Please give the reference for Revelations. I did not read the whole book,but have looked and am missing this. Prayer is a form of worship. Since we are called saints can I pray to you, or do they have to be dead? It is very true that we must learn from the past, the failures and the success. Those who have come before do influence us at the present time and will continue to in the future. Overall we have failed to learn from the past and the current state of the American church is a clear indicator of that fact. We will soon be like Europe, the question is how long is that going to take and is there anything we can do to make it slow down. No matter the answer we must be obedient to God. This is the same thing that I have been discussing with a man in my church who is taking a church history course. We are ignoring history and think we are able to do the same thing and make it different. I would like to see the reference in Revelations so I can either understand what you are seeing.
I must have made a mistake in my last attempt to comment, but I will give the summary and see if that works. The unity and organization you mention is present in denominations. I know you hate that word, but if you consider that Baptist have the 2nd or 3rd largest disaster relief group in the the US they might just be a way to donate and help. They even offer training for volunteers. (The rank will depend on how the Salvation Army is doing) They do not have to advertise on Idol because they have a built in system,the local church, to advertise for them every week. Please follow what baptist around the world are doing. Just google "Baptist disaster relief" and see how much you get other than just praying. I would say it seems that "Christians" have not failed, but the ones you happen to follow on twitter have failed. Maybe we have failed to tell the masses how we are helping, but for those who are actively involved in a local church this should not have been an issue. IF their church did nothing then shame on them, but not shame on them because they failed to tell those on the fringes and those who do not care in the first place. Get involved in the local church and the denomination and finding out these things would be easier for you and for others. We might not need to find new organizations, but support the ones already in place. It would also be wise to already have a plan in place for how you want to respond when these things happen. Know the groups you want to use and the ones you trust before something happens so you know where to go and how to best respond. To the point of prayer. If we prayed with the power of the Spirit of God and not puny little two second prayers that make us feel better we might see the true power in prayer and understand that it most likely is the very best way that everyone of us can help. We must never let prayer stop us from acting as scripture has already told us to act, and I can see that there will be plenty of "widows and orphans" that we better be actively taking part in their care.
Maybe the major players are not taking notice, but that does not mean that others are not. We are and we are seeking out the most appropriate ways to help other than just pray. Maybe though if we were as dependent upon prayer as people like George Mueller and other men of great faith our prayer would have more impact. I am sorry you had to search for a place to give your money, and I am sorry you were not informed by someone. To that point I must ask who is supposed to inform you and how is that supposed to happen? Did you contact the church where you have your membership? Did you attend services following this disaster to see if they were trying to tell you how you could help? Your church is affiliated with the BGCT and Texas Baptist Men. Both of these groups (I know you do not like denominations) are organized and ready to help in Japan. TBM is currently working with worldwide partners and Baptist in Japan to meet needs. You can follow what is happening with these organizations by going to their websites. When it comes to disaster relief Baptist are second only to the Red Cross so you should have been able to easily find a way to help. Maybe you have to get past your dislike of denominations in order to see the great benefit they provide in many cases. If you want to see change in some of these other places take a short term mission trip to them or give to the IMB who has missionaries in place in these locations, but does not advertise it due to the added risk for these missionaries. You make a great and valid point. We are more interested in serving our own needs rather than the needs around us. I do agree that those who have the platform and the ability to reach thousands are not and they should. Read the updates from TBM and see how you can help.
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Mar 30, 2011