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Aaron Kirk Douglas
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Thanks for writing this Brian, very interesting.
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Girl with the dragon tattoo in swedish is awesome!!!
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This is what I love about being Jewish. The story about Jacob and the ladder teaches that it's OK to argue with God. So you could raise up your fists and call God an asshole and that wouldn't get you in trouble (with most people). Here is a great link on this topic from "Judaism for Dummies" It reads in Part: While the idea of a complete surrender to faith, a surrender to God, is harmonious with many Christian and Muslim faiths, it's much less comfortable for most Jews, who are traditionally taught to question in order to learn more deeply. Judaism tends to encourage individuals to explore their own personal relationship with God. For those people who are comfortable with the idea of surrender, God-wrestling is not an easy concept. So please, anytime God is being an asshole, shout it from the rooftop.
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Sep 30, 2012