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I love the part where Chris says he edits right then and there. I have to do it that way too. I often revise it a few times since my ideas are totally complicated when they come out of my head, often with so many side-tracks of back-information. So I let it sit, then revise with fresh eyes. Thanks again for posting these Janet - that had to be fun! :-)
OMG Janet, still ROFLMAO haha! :-) Funny enough, I actually encountered your book recently too, and I disagree with that review. I felt the examples were pretty thorough, and honestly understand that the examples ARE the main learning, along with (as mentioned) doing your own work. Just knowing the method on a mental level wasn't enough. While my review mentions that astrology was my learning curve, I actually associated many past events and experiences when I did that - so it isn't that far off ;-) I think your book offers a great way to learn the cards, for real! :-)
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Hi Janet! Not on its own, and in fact the Sacred Circle Tarot deck also uses images of the deck's creators and honestly, as long as it "works" I don't see a problem with it. However, as mentioned in some of the comments left here, it just can't "look" funny, it needs to be smooth, to belong.
Excellent post Janet!! There are more than a few passages that regard astrology in the Bible too actually, as I get the same issue sometimes. I think where the confusion comes in is where there was a problem with fake seers that just ripped off people, where the priests would tell people to avoid these con artists, but at some time, it got twisted to the church's benefit to avoid ALL counsel outside the church, even those who were good. Mistranslations of the Bible are also possibly at issue. Thanks for such a great topic! Shared!
It is my belief that we must all follow our journey, whatever that is to us. It is my greatest hope that Jessica follows whatever she feels deep down is right - to me, that is most important, as well as her and her family's happiness. All of our paths are different but we know that all paths lead to the Source of the All That Is. This is her journey. We all have our own journeys and ought not be critical of anyone else's. Interestingly, on the more mundane level, I sense that her prior work that is already out there will become collector's items and bring high prices for those who will sell them. And as pointed out, the Christian market is monumentally larger than the Pagan market. Whether her journey is for her own soul growth or whether her decision was monetarily based is really in my eyes irrelevant, and it could even be both. Artists have always dealt with the issue that financial success means they "sold out" and while some artists do this (and that is OK as long as that is their decision), I think being financially successful while NOT selling out is the best! Funny enough, I have some of her prior pieces (in greeting cards) and I do not get the "satanic" quality at all. I looked at her new art and to me, it still looks like Jessica's style. I wish her well!
What a great reading today Gary! Actually, I think the Devil Card in my deck(s) resonates with the sign Capricorn, not Scorpio (Death resonates with Scorpio). The 10 of pentacles and Wheel of Fortune tells me people have been rewarded with some monetary help, but there may be other things they need to release with 5 of cups energies, perhaps relations or stuff that is not needed or healthy anymore and that can raise feelings of sadness and loss at times, even when things are good. As for the astrology cards, Cancer can represent mother, home, nurturing, and domestic energy and certainly can overstretch in these areas as well as be overprotective. The 5th house is totally about art and creativity but also children, romance and even gambling ;-) Pluto is the Death/Rebirth energy, the alchemical fires of purification turning lead into gold, even if painful. This reading certainly has applied to me today and it is always interesting the mundane expressions of these energies, huh? ;-)
Very nice Gary, you matched the deck themes really well. Interesting how they all had a similar theme as their companion card too! :-)
Oh I hear you Gary!! Indeed, I am feeling the health stagnation of the 5 of Pentacles, where several of my clients are experiencing the financial issues. I totally think it is great advice to seek help from one with strength in the area you need so that you can then create flowing balance (2 of Pentacles) ;-) Go easy on yourself, that Solstice energy was high and is releasing so much stuff, and next week, Saturn AND Venus both go direct so things may move in the right direction then. However, I do think we will have another high energy release with the upcoming full moon as well - look forward to more readings Gary!
Gary, great reading as usual! I also got the idea of "news" from the past coming in fast! Venus, which rules friendships, is also still retrograde (past) in Gemini (communications) so it fits astrologically too. Indeed, I had a pleasant email contact from my Gemini brother today, it was nice to hear from him :-)
What a great reading Gary, and VERY on point today, at least for me! A few things I have been working on for a long time are finally making headway - a good thing!! Thanks!!
What a wonderful review! I use reversals and look forward to getting my copy fairly soon! :-)
I love this elemental reading Gary!! I totally see how the energy is working too, particularly with the "burned-out" energy in the water, which clearly affected the earth placement outcome of the discontent there, not having the energy for it. I think we can access the fire energy again to replenish this while dealing with whatever is leaving to go downstream hehe!
I LOVED this speech, it rocks!! "Make good art!!" Brilliant!
I just absolutely LOVE this layout Gary!! Very practical, very creative - completely awesome! I can't wait to try it (and I bet it would work for Runes or runic cards too)! :-) Woot!!
Toggle Commented May 31, 2012 on The Yggdrasil Spread - by Gary Ormond at Tarot Pals
Hi Janet, awesome job on categories! You must have read my mind, as I had asked on one of Gary's blog posts for a category JUST for Gary's card video meditations! ;-) AWESOME job that Tarot Pals does, I got a compliment on my Facebook wall about sharing one of your links! :-)
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What a great job Gary! As an astrologer, I may add a couple of other insights hehe! First, we are going into a full moon and partial lunar eclipse on the 4th and Neptune (considered a higher octave of the Moon as it also rules dreams and similar things) is changing direction, going retrograde or inward. The Cosmos card to me shows the answers in the stars, and along with the above, we also have a very rare Venus transit happening on the 5th at sunset here in the USA (or in the UK it would be the 6th but you may not be able to see it at sunrise, not sure - check or another astronomy source you like). Venus will cross the face of the Sun in the sign of Twins, Gemini! And speaking of Gemini, you pulled a couple of cards that really point to that energy too: The wolf's relative, coyote, is the trickster in many Native American mythologies. The Unicorn card of Brothers and Sisters is SO Gemini too! We need to open up and relate for sure, but it really can get overwhelming right now. Thus, the card of retreat into Earth energies shown by the delicate faun when it all gets too much for us. We need to ground into the new shifts and changes coming with these events. And it seems no matter which mythology I study to learn what to do with these incoming energies, ALL of them say the same thing - reintegrate your relationship with NATURE! @JanetBoyer - Can we see a new "Category" at Tarot Pals called "Gary's Daily Card Meditations" or something similar? I would love to easily reference the archives if that is not too hard to do! THANKS and Gary, keep up the great work!
What a great reading today Gary! I have been staying tuned and no time to comment every time. I like how your readings are so visually appealing, lots of COLOR! Keep up the great work, really! :-)
Nice reading today Gary! I really like the notations within the video so we can see what decks you are using. Will stay tuned :-)
Welcome Shaheen, I look forward to your TarotPals contributions! I am also following your blog and on Twitter :-)
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What GREAT news Gary! I am starting Homeopathic Training TODAY!! Very wonderful reading if you ask me - wow!! Thanks so much, I hope it applies for others in a similar manner :-)
What a fantastic reading today Gary! Honestly, I can see how these cards are operational for me personally too. Recently, we realized a need on the internet that is not be well-served and took the plunge to buy domain names and such. They are under construction (having a temporary landing page), but there was an idea in the back of my mind how these would grow. Well, I think this reading solves THAT problem, huh? ;-) FYI:
Hey Gary, very nice reading today! Wanted to let you know while I was editing my blog/website tonite I realize I didn't add the Seer's Cave to my blogroll yet - it is there now! :-) Thanks again!
You both make REALLY good points about all of this, really. Perhaps that is why some authors do some traditional and some self-publishing, so that they can demonstrate they have writing ability but have the autonomy of self-publishing too. I believe it is reputation and ratings that can help, and I don't mean any ratings - I mean ratings by those who actually know what is going on. I guess this is why finding the right book review blogs are so important nowadays. Thanks for a thought-provoking post, both of you!
Gary, it appears your video is missing. So if I may, I will post a link here! Liking the use of the pendulum again by the way! :-) added a favorite at Tarot Pals
Apr 29, 2012