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"Posted by: Anonymous | July 10, 2009 at 09:54 AM" That is, without a doubt, the most sexist post ever written.
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Most women are unhappy not just because they feel they have to live up to society's expectation of them (as a female I am very proud to say I live up to nobody's expectations but my own) but because of the children they have. Children do bring in pain, misery, extreme hardships to females the world over. Teen girls who get themselves pregnant and give birth, can never be seen smiling or happy with their child (I work in a mall and I see this every day) young women pushing strollers while having more children in tow who are screaming, screeching, crying, and looking basically inhuman. Breeding needs to be eliminated as a "social dictate" since it causes so much untold misery, starvation (no child will ever take food out of my mouth). Smart women will not be afraid to challenge breederhood. Then we wonder why there is a growing childfree movement consisting of much happier women than those women who have bought into the myth that having children makes them happier and brings happiness into the world.
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