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@Davemart: This first version of the Terra SC is designed for EV operators who want to roll out fast charging in commercial and office areas and company fleet owners with CHAdeMO compliant cars. To truly drive growth of the EV market, ABB is firmly committed to supporting all cars, regardless the connection standard they use. We’re preparing upgrade options to support new car models as soon as they come to the market. This also holds true for the ZOE.
ABB offers a whole range of charging solutions for various purposes and locations, including a fully web-connected 50 kW charger for highway locations. It’s true that 20 kW chargers have lower output and don’t charge as fast as 50 kW chargers. But in commercial and office areas, that’s actually a good thing. Because of the lower power output of the Terra SC you don’t need a costly grid connection upgrade to support the charger; it uses 3-phase 32 A input, which is widely available at such locations. More importantly, you don’t really need a highway fast charge at these kind of locations; your battery should be recharged when you return to your vehicle, that’s the only thing that matters. The Terra SC has been designed for what we call convenient charging: park your EV, connect it to the charger, go to the movies or a restaurant and return to a fully recharged vehicle. We are therefore convinced that the Terra SC is the best and most cost-effective solution for company car parks, fleet operators, (off street) parking operators, rental companies, car dealerships, EV infrastructure service providers, roadside meeting places and shopping malls. If you’re on the road and just need a fast charge to keep going, we still recommend using a 50 kW charger like the ABB Terra 51. Best regards, Gert Miedema, ABB
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Mar 28, 2012