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This cuts to my very core, especially in the light of the travesty of injustice, and cowtowing to the "haves" in this country in the wake of the most recent budget "compromise". I grieve for our society and pray God will soften our hearts toward the "least of these" who are bearing the lion's share of destitution caused by our selfishness. We are all guilty if we do not find some way to change the direction in this country.
Thanks for saying this. It absolutely needed to be said. There is so much that joins us together, and such small issues of disagreement. I grieve that we are becoming like Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof, when he disowns his third daughter, because he has reached the point where he can not say "On the other hand..." I pray that we never get to the point where we can not say "On the other hand..."
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Oct 8, 2010