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Abdelmonem Saad Ahmed
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Greetings, I am a NNEST. Based on my experience and observations, I believe that NNESTs have reached the level of teaching ESL out of their passions to the learning and teaching of the English language and its culture. NNESTs must have started learning English at relatively early stage in their lives. Accordingly, they must have developed that passion for teaching ESL to be in the field they are passionate about in that early stage in their lives. I agree that for NESTs, being a TESOL instructor is almost always a profession that one comes around to later in life after having other experiences. Presumably, native English speakers’ knowledge of the English language coupled with their knowledge of other academic majors add to their credits as teachers of ESL especially to adults. Adult-ELLs to class with various needs, knowledge, skills, cultural and language backgrounds. Thank you. Abdelmonem Saad Ahmed
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Oct 26, 2010