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Enjoyed the youtube links Jeremy! If you ever decide to roll for Congress you have my support and checking account.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2010 on So You Want To Be a Right Wing Villain at iowahawk
I'm a sophisticated flame retardent papier-mache protest puppet creator, with studios in Wien and Kyoto. My latest creation, a 23ft Freddy Hayek dressed in chaps and a ten gallon hat, recently underwent extensive testing in Greece--overcoming countless Molotov cocktail strikes and beat back a three on one attack by Che, Stalin and ManBearPig--59ft of opposition in total. When working in my Kyoto studio I spend my early mornings throwing eggs, excrement, and other bio-degradables at the newest boatload of hippies spending the week at my friend the zen priest's temple. This forces the hippies and new agers from the rock garden, where they believe cleaning and sweeping will lead them to enlightenment, into the safer areas within the temple, like the toilets and sump pumps, where my enlightened friend prefers to use their free labor. For my help with herding the sheep, every Friday Yamaguchi-san, brings over a few pounds of delicious whale sashimi for extensive scientific testing with sake. I look like Foucault, wear sandals, and speak numerous languages. Cognitive dissonance is my weapon of choice. I am an international right wing villain made in the good old US of A.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2010 on So You Want To Be a Right Wing Villain at iowahawk
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Sep 14, 2010