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Nice commentary, David. Like others, I agree down the line. One item that particularly irks me is the view of social as a check box. Like, we can post a comment to a blog and its done. Whatever happened to focusing on the second word of 'social media'? As in, a medium? A channel? A process? Not a task. Not a single 'to do'.
Ralph, Interesting post. I, like Chris and Al above, disagree. 'The Social' can be used for marketing (but not just advertising). Second, social activities can enhance workflow and everyday work. Third, I don't think that 'social' equals 'mobile'. Instead of writing a diatribe in your comments, I re-blogged your post and offer up my thoughts here:
Great summary, David. One thing I'd like to add about archiving the content: I went through all of the posts that went live throughout the event and tagged the top 20 or so; that's what you see on the event page now. That's because initially, it was a dynamic feed, and these bloggers were issuing posts after the event that were not related. So, to preserve the context, we made the blog feed static, and hand-picked the top posts. Ditto for the Twitter feed (though that's not hand-picked, just a static archive). Though the individual tools themselves may not be innovative, I certainly think this is something fresh for our industry and a way for those that couldn't attend to stay on top of the event. -Alan Belniak / @abelniak
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Jun 29, 2010