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I listen to quite a few audiobooks, and if the story holds me, most narrators are OK. There is one woman who came very near ruining a few books by a favorite author by being like one of those kids who made it excruciating when we read aloud in elementary, by pausing at the end of lines on a page, not at periods. But I have, with trepidation, listened to her with another favorite author, and she was better, so maybe she just didn't have enough time to prepare. Then there's the guy I heard reading _Walden_ who thought it was a race, and he would win it by reading as fast as he could, with no pauses whatsoever! Only audiobook I ever turned back into the library after only two pages. So I appreciate a mellifluous voice, and the amazing work with accents and multi-person dialogs that some readers do so well. But it's enough just to not get in the way of the author's story. Thanks for the interview.
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I vote for one of the 8-10 ounce cottons; I would really like to do some sturdy tote-bags. (Not that I have managed to get a design made and ordered yet, so maybe I don't have a vote) Next choice would be the linen/cotton. In numbers: either #2, #3, or #4 for first choice, second choice #7 Abigail
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Thanks for this excellent clarification. I have posted a link to it to the interested thread at Etsy. A bunch of us there are VERY excited about Spoonflower. Me, I am trying to learn how to coax Photoshop Elements to turn my favorite picture into a usable fabric pattern. I will be uploading Real Soon Now.
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