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Tyler, your vote is a sacred trust. Maybe next time you can put a little, you know, thought into it. So...I do think it will actually matter a lot who is elected. I just can't predict how. But I agree it is a very close call. I actually felt similarly with Bush/Gore (that it wouldn't really matter) but then 9/11 pushed Bush into a direction that transformed the country. Learning from that we should address two things that most voters seem to care about. 1) Leadership, and the projection thereof. Does the president generally make you feel good about your country? ie. The Ronald Reagan effect? Advantage: Obama 2) Character/likability. Do you trust the President? Will other leaders, members of congress, trust him? Advantage: Obama I think these elements both play strongly in Obama's favor in foreign policy. It doesn't seem to matter right now since we are (mostly) at peace. But I wouldn't dismiss them either.
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I generally agree. As Esther Dyson says, "Always make new mistakes." My rule of thumb: Failure is good and should be encouraged -- if you can fail *cheaply and quickly*. In many professions, failure is really expensive. For example: for lawyers, doctors, accountants and civil engineers -- the consequences of failure far outweigh the incremental patient or project. A bad review for a new restaurant can kill the business. Forgetting the third federal agency you want to eliminate can lose you the presidency. And in dating; it depends on your objectives -- while failure can be cheap and quick if your objective is to date a lot of 9's -- but it can be expensive long term if you hope to marry a 10. End of the day: failure has a real cost -- to one's reputation and emotional well being. Some bear that cost better than others. The true cost of failure is also frequently overestimated -- humans hate to lose more than we like to win. Nevertheless, failure should only be encouraged when the benefits outweigh the costs -- and that is not always the case.
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This is an article This is my article about video games. Tracking code Continue reading
Posted Feb 23, 2011 at Aboer's blog
I don't know about fun, but Steve Martin tells us how to make shoes funny: "put a piece of baloney in each shoe. That way, when you walk, you feel funny. "
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