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Mr Rexon, do you think people really have all the time to be reading these many/long stories you write here each day? Write less and you will see yourself writing meaningful things.
Where there is a beginning, there is an end. The day is coming when Cameroon shall be baptised with fire. Sadam, Mobutu, Hitler, etc, all had a tragic end. The king of etudi will follow the same course with his junta. Cameroon, from East to West, and from North to South shall be free one day.
This woman will certainly read another speech not too different from what we hear of the lord mayor's from Tiko. Camerroon!!!!!!!!!!!! Truely nothing is impossible in Cameroon. "Backwards ever, forward never" is their motto.
Doh was groomed by the rdpc to act like a beast. Just as the US trained Bin Laden, now he is going to act against them. The easiest way out for them (rdpc) will be to facilitate his going back to jail. Their frustration is just the beginning. Taming the Lion Doh will not be as easy as rigging elections. Wenna no ba see something yet. God save Cameroon.
A nation full of liars. Children, grand children, parents, all always relying on lies. What a shame and curse to this nation. How many bags of rice and cows this time around Mr PM? Shame onto those people who are going to sell the next 5 years for a few cups of rice, bottles of beer and bones from some dead cow. To all those who fold their arms and expect others to change the country, you are on the wrong side. You are the ones who can make this country what we long for. The country has been taken hostage by rdpc stooges. God safe us.
This is no news (or perhaps good news) to the military junta in Yde as whenever the leader of this junta has to go out, all other traffic is grounded and most often he goes by air. The Yde/Dla § Tiko/Dla highways are perhaps the most deadly in the whole world. Great people never die. May their souls be at peace always. Dr BB et al, we will never forget you and your works will remain to bear fruits to generations to come. It is time people start running away from UB. In Cameroon, you're just not safe; either news of thieves butchering, road accidents or brutal shootings from the arm forces. What a shame to die in this manner.
Dr Che Sunday, I haven't seen where you read that this guy died in a "beer palour" as you claim. These people might have just fabricated their claim that Mr Ngu was killed by Mr Akum, just as you have just spinned words from the reporter that the driver collapsed in a beer palour. There exist nyongo, accept it or not. The forces of law and disorder in Camerun are just the toujour en retard. If they had heard of a political rally or protest, they would have long been out in a multitude with live bullets loaded in their guns as if going to war.
Look Rexon, if you do not know, Tita was amongst those who seized the radio house in Buea to broadcast SCNC stuffs some years ago. After that he ran to Nigeria on self exile because the regime sent agents to hunt him and others down. He must have signed a new deal with the regime to return to Cameroon on conditions that he comes back to destabilize the sdf and have nothing to do with the SCNC again. These are the real sell outs of the anglophone movement which you seem not to see deliberately or are ignorant about the whole mafia with Tita, Muna, and a host of others.
Ni Ben, your face deh like tiger ey own, tif man. Everywhere you have been, you have left a bad image of yourself. The gene in this Muna family, eheeee! I don't know. Keep fooling yourself that the RDPC will hand over the people's party to you. You this agent of darkness.
So BenF/BenB = Teribobs? Wonders shall never ever end. You can fool some people sometime, but you cann't fool people all the time.
eyengue, you this french chameleon, you always jump up when the rdpc is touched. Mind you no where has Colonel Chi Ngafor said he sent guys to kill late Gregoire. As of now, to the best of my knowledge, he has said he sent militants to go protect the sdf secretariat and to carry local tools for self defense in case of an attack. The other attributes to mr Biya ask your conscience, if you have one, if Biya is free of corruption, murder, embezzlement, adultery, all kinds of theft, etc. We know the agents acting on this forum for destructive purposes; you are just one of them.
These Muketes and his gang can never ever learn to say something that is true.
MILLAISgod, This is the useless song that rdpc worshipers often sing. Before Biya came to power, Cameroon was even more peaceful to live in than it is now. Biya knows nothing about peace. The peace in Cameroon is God given, not from this Nvomeka lion. Research deeply and you will find that the wrangling in SDF is caused by the Rdpc. Abety bought thugs to burn houses in bambili and the rdpc said these were militants of sdf. The murder in Yaounde on May 26th, the hands of the rdpc regime has a role in it. Man, theft, corruption, intimidation, adultery, cheating, murder, you name the rest, which are characteristics of this lion man, have nothing to do with PEACE. Nonesense.
Klamenceau, Watesih, Fon Lawrence, Aaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo, boy, etc, please comment only when it is necessary. Don't listen to these "chief mourners" when they cry to read from you. Anything Fru Ndi to them is like an oil tank burning. Jealousy na very bad sick. Idleness can cause havoc and real frustration as we are seeing on this forum. Only fools and idle people can read the long "copy and paste" messages that some of you write here. Keep up with your arrogance - Mr know all, lawyer, journalist, rocket scientist, politician.
Every Tom and Dick will say Fru Ndi, Fru Ndi. Learn how to lead your own house first then will you know how to lead others. You call others blind when you cannot see. What a shame. Oh! people of little brains. God safe us.
Vally, the only english boy, This jealousy of yours will not help you or Cameroonians. You will never ever be like Mr. Tabali. Go and see some of his works when he was mayor of Ndop rural council. Cameroonians do not need this your internet politics of lies telling. Keep shouting about dealings with the rdpc and yet a single evidence to back your claim, you cannot show. These fake Ni Ben worshipers are notorious for lies telling and fiction acting with gang leader mukete. Where is the copy of the letter he claimed accompanied the memoir?
Eyengue, what kind of song are you singing? Even the blind know that if Fru Ndi wanted power at all cost, he would have asked the people in the 90's to take arms and flush out that murderous regime of rdpc. The people wanted Fru Ndi to just give the go ahead. You stand now and talk rubbish. Mukete, I see you love Fru Ndi so much, that is why no article of yours does not carry his names 101 times. Even with your Ni Ben, you haven't sent him motions of supports as the likes of Agbormbai. More grease to your sing song. Vally the only english boy, you should be very happy with the SCNC because you have stolen their identity to seek for asylum in the UK. The francophones benefit more from SCNC nowourdays. Your lord Ni Ben is just copying from you to steal the id of the sdf for his glory.
BenB, Don't be so stupid in the way you look at things. You came to this forum as some one not biased, claiming to seek for peaceful solutions to the SDF crisis. Now you show how anti-Fru Ndi and pro -Muna/Ngwairi you are. Let them "sign" praises to Mbah Ndam as you are signing to Muna; our Judas. What are you now saying about the unfortunate death that occured in Yaounde? This same you who advised Fru Ndi to go storm the Yaounde gathering. Are you not ashamed of your barbaric ideas? You talking about immunity, when Mbah Ndam has not been accused of having a hand in this murder. May be you are just thinking allow. Copy more stuffs from LRC newspapers and paste here since you are the only one reading those papers. Are we done with mourning or "why I love Muna part 666?" Nonsense.
mukete, Bangwaman, is a confused LRC agent in this forum. He/she is not from Lebialem and not from Southern Cameroon. So don't curse your brothers or sisters from Lebialem. This confused bush man is surely from the central, forest of the south or a pigmy from the East. All his articles here are intended to divide Southern Cameroonians or reduce them to nothing.
Monkey di work Baboon di chop. Muna can lead only blind people. The only tarred road in Mbengwi stretches from the main road into one of Muna's villas. What a shame to this son-like-father. Please, we do not need a second prison in Momo (I don't mean the child who types characters in this forum). Enough of this blackmailing from the Muna's. BenF, I thought we were still going round mourning or are we already where we can start with motions of supports?
Only demons will accept Muna as a chairperson of a party. Let him try his popularity first in Metta where I come from and get it for real that the people hate him more than Biya. Fucking beast.
Vally, mind you the noise you have been making on this forum shows who you are. You cry loud that Fru Ndi is a dictator, some even say he is a detector, but your write-ups show the bully and tyrant you could be. You call Fru Ndi illiterate and write rubbish in the name of English. Yes, Teribobs, I am striking where I find my own weaknesses because that is the method Fru Ndi’s detractors use against him. His detractors claim that his “low” level of education makes him unsuitable for party leadership. It is now that the mighty prof Ngwasiri says Fru Ndi was not the right person to have been chairman. When there was fire in the 90s, he was lost in the “wilderness” for fear of death and to secure his job. He now sees it quite safe to be party chairman. I reserve my anger towards this so call prof. of stupidity. Fru Ndi has got lots of weaknesses but that does not mean people should come up with stupid statements like this. Did they choose Fru Ndi to be chairman when they launched the party because they wanted him as a sacrificial lamb? They knew Fru Ndi would be their sacrificial lamb when the time came for party members to be assassinated. Thank God their plans failed and will fail for ever. The Biya’s regime failed to assassinate him. So...? I do not like politics of hatred and blackmail. It is clear that the motive for these attacks on the chairman is hatred. Jealousy na very bad sick. E pass AIDS sef.
English boy, I knew that this Zombie (Vally) will pop up and write the usual trash on this forum. Mind you the SDF will continue to exist even after the death of Fru Ndi. So only short-sighted people like you think Fru's supporters want him to be chair man for ever. Anyone advocating split of the sdf is a real danger. Who in Cameroon does not know Muna? This goat you call Ngwasiri would have been more convincing if he were teaming up with more serious people, and you blind supporters don't see any danger working with Muna? We can never allow sdf in the hands of Muna, you hear me english boy et al? Better an Angel you don't know than the devil you know so well.
Hey Ngang, You need to judge from what this so called England Vally writes that he did not pass through Buea. He looks like a paid french agent and how he got and what he is doing (if at all he is there) in England, God alone knows. I am in no way saying Buea students speak and write perfect English, but this guy's case is so special. England boy ma shihoo.