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can fonning even differentiate between a public and a private bill, ohh God help Cameroon, morrons are being sent to the parliament,
Tumanjong stop this big noise, opposition in Africa needs to have her own police force, the cpdm will understand nothing short of that, every year your party sends petition to the supreme court, a court which is controlled by Biya,havent u learnt lessons from that,,,, pick up arms and the cpdm will consider making concessions. For ur information Biya will twart the constitution and remain in power in 2011.
na because of money , thief people,go thief for parliament. keep on lieing, God go answer all wuna
you noba see anything, it shall come to pass
Evengue try to be polite, Fru Ndi is an elderly statesman and much more older than you, learn to respect your elders, its quite simple, i have nothing against you but just be polite.Good luck
why wasting peoples precious time, they should simply fill the lists with names and rig the polls , its their job to rig but someday this will not work,
Klemenceau i like the way you argue, you always back ur arguments with portrayed facts, this KIKI man. whats the nature of your Business in Honkong, i hope u are not one of the guys i saw on cctv, you are fake, Fru Ndi is the only trustworthy Cameroonian at the moment, your own dad will testify that, stop demonstating hatred and bias.
i sorry cameroon. na this diot this wey dem bail am on health reasons, Biya u are a disgrace, but when the doom hour comes,no one should venture to run away,
May the gods of our land Bafut receive your soul in peace, we shall always pray for you Brother Ambe, same message goes to BB , Ngwangwa and the driver.Amen
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2007 on Biography Of Dr. Ambe at Up Station Mountain Club
cameroon driving licenses, any tom dick and harry can drive a car in cameroon at the detriment of important personalities like BB, Ambe, Ngwangwa and lots more, our politcians schould come to europe and see the roads linking two major cities, all they know is to steal money from state coffers and hide in foreign banks, who sealed this union with la republique? anglophone culture is gradually being damaged, may their souls rest in perfect peace,
why wasting our time, it is needless talking about this same thing all the time, the solution is not a civil war but systematic elimination of state officials, from the DO´s to the head of state, just pop into one ministry and drom your explosives, the results will be felt after the explosion. ambush the socalled DO and SDO on thier develish meet the people tour, cut off the heads and silence every member of the delegation, ambush police and gendarme control post, seize their weapons and finish with the idiots, fons and chiefs dancing the cpdm dimabular should be dealt with,brutal assasination. kodock and bello bouba ambushed and assisinated. Take note, Dipanda Alexis Mouelle, the lier at the helm of the supreme court, your death will be horrible, i need not tell you the strategy we shall put in place, you will declare Biya winner from beneath, the time is coming, my boys will be around, God´s endless purnishment to you all.Idiots.
ahahah these guys are scared of elections,i thought biya is kingkong of africa who can win all elections, shame to the C people, we have all seen what ur plans are, but beware of an arm struggle, not long from now we shall be like Chad, and Biya should always remember that not even a single soldier will abandon his family to fight for him because they are not spared by the abject poverty prevailing in cameoon. make man no run when the time comes,after the war we shall come up with a true and independent electoral commission that meets the aspiration of each and every cameroonian. God´s punishment to u all including Fon Doh.
you sdo , na u want teach us law, go catch biya first, biya rigs elections thereby desrespecting the laws of cameroon, you idiot
na Alkaeda go solve issues for that country, systematic elimination of these idiots will bring along much needed changes.When Africa go change?