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Most experts agree that torture doesn't work. Most people will tell you anything you want to hear after a while. Torture is bad m`kay. Just listen to McCain's speech, which is linked in the above article. His war wounds, including wounds from torture, left him with lifelong physical limitations. PLus, torture is just not a cool thing to do to someone. It's disrespectful to the people that died on 9/11 to propagate an idea that their deaths led to our approval of torture. The people who say that torture is necessary are probably the same venture capitalists that are currently lobbying for harder drug laws in the U.S. We have to be careful not to create the American Gulag. We can't let gifts to the public, like this report, be belittled in bureaucratic jargon. America is split right up the middle with Democrats and Republicans. This is exactly the reason why my country can never get anything that matters done. Human beings need the illusion of two sides to entice them into the game. The game of opposites. I still refuse to debate torture any more than what I've already stated here. Moving forward, there needs to be a clear line drawn on torture in war scenarios. And maybe our government, since it seems so willing to forgive itself for all of its wrongdoings, could also try to be a little more forgiving of others.
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Dec 18, 2014