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"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
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Perhaps you should look up the term Harper on this blog, and educate yourself on how Canada has been leading the free world on the world stage.
America defended America in WW2, after it was attacked at Pearl Harbor it finally entered the war. If the fight against Islamic supremacists were a conventional war, I would have a different view. As has been proven a thousand times over, it is nothing like that, and "defending Israel" has virtually NOTHING to do with defending America. The two truly are not connected as much as some may wish it to be so.
Stalin and Mao are not, and never have been heroes of atheists. See my above comment addressed to you for clarification.
To Defcon 4. Where do you make the connection that atheists are automatically communists and support dictators? That's insane. Atheism has always existed by the most intelligent and learned in societies back far past classical antiquity. It was not invented by delusional communists like Marx. Ironically, evil dictators like Stalin, for example, have fallen back on urging religion for the masses under dire circumstances. During his mysterious retreat [of June 1941] the ex-seminarist had decided to involve the aid of the god he had rejected. Stalin spent five years in a Greek Orthodox seminary. Ironically, the more evil the dictator, the more religious they were in their formative years. You're not very well educated, are you?
Then this ad should be funded under the Global Freedom Defensive Initiative. I could buy that.
America has not led the world in freedom since Sept 11, 2001. George "Religion of Peace" Bush was followed by Barack Hussein Obama -- or don't you remember? Canada now has the distinction as the leader of the free world, and has for several years.
None of the Islamic supremacists who have murdered thousands of Americans or tried to murder Americans in America on jihad have passed through Israel, nor were they in any position to offer any "early warning" on any of these attacks. Am I wrong? Name some examples.
So somehow I'm a nazi because I suggest a clear distinction in the name of an initiative so that contributors know what they're contributing to? To clarify, I'm an atheist. I don't support any causes that are religion based or work in the favor of any religious group -- only ones that are freedom from religion. Like her excellent previous work, promoting freedom from sharia in America, by the American Freedom Defense Initiative.
Stooping to insults is standard Islamic supremacist practice. As is presenting a straw man argument. In this case, it's followed by an extra twist of anti-logic. Somehow claiming I am a hypocrite because there's no such thing as Palestine and I never mentioned anything about it is virtually insane. Congratulations -- that's loonier than anything I've read about any Islamic supremacist spewing all week. A major accomplishment.
Great for Pam Geller. I like a lot of her work and think it's important. If she is asking for funds to promote pro-Israel causes, that's great. She needs to come up with an appropriate entity for her pro-Israel causes so we contributors can be sure where our money is going. I'm an atheist. I don't support any causes that are religion based or work in the favor of any religious group -- only ones that are freedom from religion. Like her excellent previous work, promoting freedom from sharia in America, by the American Freedom Defense Initiative.
I'm well aware what the Free world is up against. But please don't blur the lines of distinction of where contributors' are aiming their money when they contribute to an organization called The American Freedom Defense Initiative. Otherwise you are contributing your money to The Israel Freedom Defense Initiative, when you thought you were contributing to The American Freedom Defense Initiative.
"Defending Israel is also defending America"? No it's not. Defending Israel is defending Israel. And that's certainly fine. But don't use an organization called The American Freedom Defense Initiative when you're working to defend another country. Instead use an organization appropriately named (and aimed).
When you jump in with stuff like this, Pamela, one has to ask: What does this have to do with an organization called "The American Freedom Defense Initiative"? It may be true and a worthy thing for those interested to contribute, but it has nothing to do with fighting sharia law and Islamic supremacists who are working against American Freedoms. Israel is not a state of America. It is not a middle East Hawaii or Alaska. You are undermining the great work you have done with the AFDI's campaigns when you fly off the handle with things like this. Reign it in. Think about it. Don't you have another more appropriate Defense Initiative to do something like this under? If you don't, get one.
How do you trace where this individual is getting the millions to buy property like this? All of a sudden he has millions of dollars to buy property? Clearly he's a front man. This must be addressed and the American public must be informed. Isn't there an investigation from the IRS? Aren't they on the job? Aren't there public records to look at with disclosure? How can somebody with multiple bank loan defaults, a tax cheat, a deadbeat renter, suddenly show up with millions of dollars to buy property and not be put under immediate investigation? Even the mafia has to launder money through legit businesses they own so they can show a public source for the money they use to buy property.
Huh? WHAT? "200 years after Islam was dumped back in it's box and on it's backside, it's our turn to do it again. The answer to Jihad is CRUSADE." What kind of a bonkers post is that? Not only was the last crusade back in the 13th century, but that response makes absolutely no sense in the modern world. Make it a "modern crusade" devoid of religion, and focused not on invading a country, but upon removing a cancer from our own countries. End immigration of muslims, mass deportations where required, and isolation of muslim countries from the civilized world. All so they cannot harm modern people. You can't fix things with a war when it comes to changing the religion they've been brainwashed in since birth. You can only block them and isolate them so that they can't try to impose their cult and harm us.
More people will read these articles than you could ever hope to reach with your ads. The slogans, the stand for free speech, the stand for honesty and truth -- it's all being relayed to millions by the "enemedia" and everyone can now "see" your ads. Imagine what it would cost to get this much coverage otherwise? You are winning.
There is no rational debate possible against the fact that Obama has been the kingpin in ushering Islamic supremacy across the Middle East. No argument can be made otherwise. The only question that remains is if it is a result of naive, uninformed liberal fantasies, or if it is part of a carefully organized and covert agenda? Is he Jimmy Carter on steroids or is he the new Caliphate? That is the question.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2011 on Hezbollah Prepares for War at Atlas Shrugs
"This is Hollywood before it died in the late twentieth century." You mean before Hollywood was bought out and came under the iron boot of the transnational mega-corporations with their focus on making an international profit. Which is what happened in the 1980's. Well, that's odd -- Pam dislikes corporate Hollywood, but loves the other modern corporate entities who have run America into the ground and ripped away its manufacturing base. Discuss.
Are there any other religious group who have publicly resisted and opposed any federal investigation into their affairs? Of course there has been other religious groups who did that. What happened there? HMMM?
We can all look at the OCEAN OF NATURAL GAS under the United States which should be powering all public/government vehicles from buses to trucks to cars, from the federal level to the city level. We can all look at the GIGANTIC SUPPLY of oil in the shale deposits or in Alaska that can be developed over time to serve many decades of energy. We can all look TODAY to the ready to start rolling pipeline from Canada to supply ethical oil without the blood and human misery of Sharia for the next fifty to a hundred years while the US develops complete energy independence for the next three or four generations at least while hydrogen power (the ultimate solution) fully matures as a technology. We can all look at that. Sure we can. But what are you going to do about it now?
Where is the army? They've overthrown these lunatics each time they came to power at least 6 times now since the 1920's and it is time again. Where the HELL are they?
Ron Paul. Only Ron Paul will remove America from the corrupt UN which is now a completely lost cause. Only Ron Paul will cut off every stinking penny of the billions thrown away to Islamic supremacists and funneled into their jihad against America. He will cut off the legs they stand on, while standing back and giving Israel full sanction to do whatever it feels fit to defend itself. And, as everybody knows, Israel has no problem whatsoever in defending itself. Only Ron Paul will do that. You think about that hard.
Only Ron Paul is going to cut off every single penny of the BILLIONS that America throws away to Islamic Supremacists in "aid" every year. Only Ron Paul is going to immediately end and withdraw all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan now that the missions are accomplished. Only Ron Paul will drop the UN which has been controlled by Islamic Supremacists and their stooges for decades now. Only Ron Paul is AUTOMATICALLY against Sharia Law, because it is unconstitutional. And if the reason you don't like Ron Paul is because you think he's somehow "against" Israel, you are wrong. In fact, only Ron Paul is ALL FOR Israel doing anything it needs to to stop any threats to it. Its affairs, internal and external, are none of America's business. Pre-emptive strikes? Israel's business. Nuclear strike against lunatic Islamic Supremacists? Israel's business. As everybody knows, Israel has no problem, whatsoever, taking care of itself. So objections to Ron Paul based on some perceived anti-Israel view are wrong. Only Ron Paul is all for Israel's complete autonomy and empowerment.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2011 on Perry's Pandering at Atlas Shrugs
And by the way, only Ron Paul stands for complete defunding of ALL aid programs to muslim countries, and will ACTUALLY leave muslim countries with the military, because now the MISSION HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED. Only Ron Paul will do that and not give them one more penny of American aid. You think about that. You think about that hard.