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Abraham Orr
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But he had that look on his face the whole time of "but I've got something really, really important to say! Oh, wait, I forgot." Like rioting is going to make anything better. I recommend going to a game. I've got Belk Bowl tickets from, and I'm excited about it. The last time I checked, the Mountaineers didn't have any (big) skeletons in their closet.
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I don't remember if he was still suspended or even playing this year. Mizzou is playing in the Holiday Bowl this year, so they must've done ok. I've got Outback Bowl tickets from for this year. It's a fun way to spend some time in Tampa.
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I don't see either one in the current bowl projections, but oh, well. I was able to get Sun Bowl tickets from for this year. I'm very excited! Go Yellowjackets!
I've already gotten my Sun Bowl tickets at I'm very excited!
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Nov 10, 2011